Pakistan, President and Cleveland discussed on Washington Today


Twelve thousand last week to two hundred fifteen thousand its lowest level in forty five years and two thousand fourteen nobel peace prizewinner malala yousafzai return today to her native pakistan for the first time since she was shot there in two thousand twelve by militants in the swat region angered at her championing of education for girls president donald trump today headed to richfield ohio south of cleveland to speak with union trainees and tout his infrastructure plan in wide ranging remarks on a number of topics the president address yesterday sudden firing of veterans administration secretary david schulkin saying he wasn't happy with the speed of how vets were being taken care of we're going to have real choice that's why i made some changes because i wasn't happy with the speed with which our veterans were taken care of i wasn't happy with and we made a lot of progress the accountability act for years ever trying to get it for decades every tried to get v a accountability when somebody does a bad job in the veterans administration they couldn't do anything about it they were protected you could do anything they had status that treated our vets horribly horribly worse than a movie they had people that wouldn't work you couldn't do anything i had passed the va accountability accountable the accountability at a now when they're bad to our vets or when they're not working for our vets we say a gym you fire get outta here jim get out get out that was a big deal that was a big deal no accountability we got that passed nobody talks about it they don't talk about it they don't want to talk about but i'm doing that for the vets and we made changes because we want them taking care of we want them to have choice so that they can run to a private doctor and take care of it and it's gonna get done.

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