Tom Benson, owner of New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans, dies at 90


I mean you know so you know but it is what it is you know what i mean and yeah i just wanted to call in and tell you it was my birthday i may thirty two today man made to you did it dude it's all it's all down it's all good from your it is like don't want anybody tell you otherwise my thirties were greg greg yeah yeah i'm bob i mean when you hit thirty two now you're looking for forty so i can say i just hit forty a couple of weeks ago and it's not bad and greg happy birthday yes thoughts and prayers to the the vents and family the patriarch the owner of both the saints and the pelicans passing away today at age ninety greg's our guy lake charles he represents who dat nation who that nation giving you happy birthday right back at you by the way san diego state houston tie ballgame five seconds left man march madness is fun and a ridiculous to the basket on believable move by laws random guy who's rob graham being told it was offer not random guy for houston one one seconds left houston up to march madness is amazing ward please tell me of san diego state to your final four early date or your round thirty two let me feel better about my bracket.

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