Congress demands investigation into sexual assault of military kids


She says often triggered by social media pressures and many of these young people simply cannot cope for for some of us even if it's the same issue are coping skills aren't strong enough and so it becomes more difficult and when you start losing hope that you can change that situation that's where you start thinking about suicide one thing that is helping she says many departments within schools are talking about this encouraging young people to reach out for help the department of health has a whole bunch of information on the website again the state department have health website carleen johnson komo news congress is reacting to an associated press investigation into sexual assault among children on us military bases by demanding the defense and justice departments explain how they'll deal with the problem more from komo's eric heintz ap's investigation revealed that reports of sexual violence among kids and us military bases at home and abroad often die on the desk of prosecutors even when attacker confesses the military school system has no specific policy to respond to student on student sexual violence us senator patty murray demanded answers by april to a long list of questions about how the department handles assaults on its campuses in washington state documents show at least thirty seven sexual assault reports among children on basis since two thousand seven of those thirty two cases where at joint base lewis mcchord eric heintz komo news walmart's rise to challenge amazon for online business is the subject of a lawsuit against the big box retailer three win former director of business development says walmart mislabeled products and did other things to gain a competitive edge here's bloomberg's matthew boyle and when he continued to bring it to light and brought it to the company's global ethics department he was then terminated win he's also.

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