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They hate to have to lay off those people we we heard those stories we had we had business owners in tears we really did it was very compelling i thought we had an extraordinarily reasonable amendment i actually thought that even in my hyper partisan committee we would get a bipartisan vote of some sort i was extremely disappointed musical sure because it was a referendum the it's not the quote unquote will of the voters you know we really weren't changing the will of the voters we were just pushing it out a little bit with the wisdom of the legislature in terms of voters unfortunately they don't listen to seven and a half hours of testimony knowing they make up their mind read and workers your yeah they don't see the statebystate comparisons that show that the majority of states that have high minimum wages have training wages a lot of them have special wages for work study students and that was an issue that we talked about because that's becoming an issue for some of our university campuses um and and of not not as mcc but some of the other community college campuses um because the amount of money that they received from the federal government is a finite amount the federal government doesn't say oh you increased your minimum wage we're going to give you more money to give to work study students it doesn't work that way so guess what the workstudy students are getting fewer hours or there's fewer were students that are getting work study period on a lot of our campuses usm not such a problem because there's so many students that already have jobs smc see not a problem for the same reason or no little bit of a problem you maine four can't problem i mean it you know it's a little bit of the two mains but it's also not just the two means it this is a we're only at ten dollars and how right now folks when we get to eleven dollars and twelve dollars an hour no other state or even municipality has increased their minimum mom wage with the repeatedy that this referendum mandated that we increase our wages no other state and main centre for economic progress actually admitted that to me when we had last year when we had the tip credit hearing it was about two o'clock in the morning and i got them to admit on mike.

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