Panthers' Christian McCaffrey helps save man's life in hiking accident


And bring the car as the parking's on me but remember our hills you might want to leave the bike at home on this one gary and larry continue andrei yet vr six eight on these boards legal or illegal baru lumbering christian mccaffrey all america's stanford couple years at a pretty good rookie season with with carolina budding as disappointing to be honestly but eighty passes he did some good receiver but you know you're talking about a guy that what what was he would you say he was the eu's top 10 pick eighth pick overall he was not much between the tackles and this was the debate i had with with the great todd who sack who i thinks as good a football analyst as there is but my claim was that mccaffrey is not an every down between the tackles running back he's a complimentary peace and todd argue the other way in a looks like at least one year in house that has has this for what what's what's he had right he's wrong he says somebody's life and all you care about is running between the tackles that's all i care about go ahead hey anyway so mccaffrey's hiking with the two brothers uh two of his brothers and two other people in castle rock colorado that's where the mccaffrey's make their home is dead was a an outstanding receiver for the broncos anyway they see this seventy two year old guy got a good name to dan smoker he seventy two fell about twenty feet onto a rock while heike with his grandson mccaffrey immediately called 911 then uh with his group rushed to help him uh and home i gather injuries were terrible a broken femur a broken pelvis a broken neck uh fractured ribs in bleeding on the brain thank god and smokers son a credits mccaffrey's group with saving his father's life so there you go when he would mccaffrey was there this two brothers dylan and macs max is a nine or right now he's on the niners roster really yeah he's a he's wide receiver i believe well emag the former duke blue devil himself man that's at all wait ago made me you know the.

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