Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz indicted on 34 counts, including premeditated murder


The level on on the go you get no concession from the accused man cloudy and thirty six degrees a few flurries or snow showers tonight i abstained lear here's what's trending at 430 does he feel remorse for the killing of a boon county sheriff's deputy a smiling 21yearold anthony bongartz's no the battle quoting holes as he was being walked was initial court appearance bongartz said he did it because he didn't want to get hit bitten by a dog deputy jacob pick it was a canine officer his dog brick was with him when he was shot the accused florida high school shooter has been charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder fox's evin brown reports from i am a a grand jury in broward county florida has now indicted nineteen year old nicholas crews of seventeen counts of premeditated murder and seventeen counts of attempted murder in the first degree for his alleged shooting spree three weeks ago at marjorie steinman douglas high school they kounser for every person killed or injured at the school that day prosecutors have it officially said they'll pursue a death penalty but have made it clear that execution would be warranted if cruises found guilty in miami eban brown foxnew california we have a problem is as attorney general jeff sessions as the justice department filed suit against the state cannot be the policy of a great nation threw up in reward those who unlawfully inner it's country with legal status social security welfare food stamps work permits and so forth governor jerry brown fired back seen the state should not be blamed the federal government's inability to do its job still flood damage to be repaired in new albany but city leaders say nothing to significant with new defence measures in place kirk darling report according to the news and tribune the city upgrading its three and a half mile long levy in pumping system in 2014 spending two million dollars in the process with the ohio river reaching just over sixty seven feet last week they passed with flying colors says new albany flood control director chris gardner kirk darling 93 wibc mobile new year lamented ally from traffic and weather it's four thirtythree tony cats you ever certain appro painters certain pro dot com these are your painting specialists and spring is here it's.

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