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New York Jets head coach Adam Gase responds to support



Adam Gates in his first season as head head. Coach of the New York jets his record today to end seven nevertheless interesting time for a vote of confidence jet CEO. Christopher Johnston said yesterday Ah Adam gays will return for the two thousand twenty season here is the jets CEO. I want to ensure you there would be no changes changes in coaches Adam. How's the trust of this team as the trust Sam? Joe's trust he has my trust. He's a good man. He's a good coach. There is a lot of work to. There's a great deal of to everyone understands And we're just getting started. I feel really good good Memphis team moving forward anytime you get support from ownership the way that the staff Scott supported. The old has gone way. Obviously we wanted We got a lot of games are jobs improve this team and go out and try to win games every week. And he's with us through every step within our communication with him so he kind of knows what we've been trying to do how we're we're trying to fix things that are that are wrong so no to get his support for him to Kinda see what we're trying to do. It's that's an important step fluish. Well that was Adam Gatien course responding to the SAGA lineup. Was He trying to avoid eye. Contact Tech High. We're out here. Do you find that the timing at all interesting or Steve. Young made the point. Yesterday Robert was a good time to do it. So people stop asking the question. I mean it is a good time. Just say. Hey He's going to be here next year but look he's been there one year having hasn't been a great year for him but you know look overall head coaching record. He's about forty a two percent. When winning percentage he wins about forty two percent of the time? So you know. It doesn't look so great for him moving forward but look he's got the support Ownership they're going to give him one more year and I can guarantee that next year if they're in the same position that they're not going to be so lenient on giving him another year. So Oh you look at what. NFL coaches are nowadays. They have guaranteed contracts. I highly doubt they WanNa give him a nice contract and then just release him halfway through his I well it gets to be an expensive decision. Yeah and that's a really great point because ownership obviously is invested in their pick. They want their pick to look good exam. You know you don't WanNa WanNa give up on what you decided so quickly although that has happened to certain coaches inside right around the league. But you can't forget that even even when Todd Bowles was there that the jets were ten and six in their first season and it was really bad. Blow to this team to the supper loss against the Miami Dolphins and just some of the adversity city that they've gone through since Particularly when there's been a lot of expectations with Sam darnold presidents on that team. Well Yeah. He was brought in large part to work with a young quarterback to develop SAM. Darnold help him take the next step. What's interesting is that they share the same stadium with the giants are struggling as well? Now in this case Pat Shurmur is in his second year as a head coach. But look they're coming off the bye. They've lost six straight. What's the word around his future? Well Adam gays was asked recently just how secure he is in his job in one of the ways in which which he retorted. What's to say I'm built for this? Just projecting confidence which you would expect the head coach to do. But I would be remiss to mention that some of the reporters in New York noted that was kind of the same something that Ben mcadoo said three weeks before the giants got rid of him and and clearly this is not the adversity or excuse me what they were looking to results wise to be having right now coming off of in two years of What they endured under Ben mcadoo but the reality is promising as Daniel Jones has looked particularly when he's throwing the ball With with the return of Saquon this is not what they were looking for. They're still suffering losses even with saquon on the field. I mean he has not had over sixty five rushing yards in the last three times he played. Hey only had two one hundred rushing yard games. That was in the first two weeks Daniel Jones continues to have issues with the interceptions. Fumbles and things of what have you and it has has. It was altered in wins. And you can't neglect the fact that this is in New York and teams with that media pressure there as well. It won't stop. It's hard to perform with a rookie quarterback though in this in this league it's not they had veteran it didn't it didn't work out. He still there by the way. He's still there. But look in this league. It's hard for a young quarterback to come in and be successful and I just think that we're witnessing growing pains of a young quarterback trying to figure his way Out through a hard schedule last year at this time he was done you know now. He's about halfway through so I mean it's it's a lot more difficult. I agree with you. Rob The only issue of course with the New York giants dances. They've had a lot of these same problems whether it was a long-term veteran quarterback or a yet stroup Such a great point. And so then you start to have to ask other kinds of questions

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