Disney Plus officially arrives, with big numbers to boot


Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown. Joining me is not Melanie of the Hollywood reporter order and Disney plus has finally been revealed to the world It did not go completely smoothly but in terms of numbers it went. Well yeah they had some glitches at launch launch and they were apologetic and they attributed it to the overwhelming demand. There was for seeing that demand for the hyping thing you know. They've been promoting this every single Disney outlet for six months now but the numbers as they came in. They said that they had ten million sign ups after the first day. And that's accumulating everything that has been presold up until now and it's also accumulating the free sign ups that you get via verizon subscription scripture to their wireless plan you get a free Disney plus subscription if you want dead but we don't know how many there are like me so the ten million is a little opaque right but it's still more than analysts suspected and the Disney stock just jumped on that news because it shows what either and all of his people have been saying that Disney is the brand brand in the entertainment space. And if anyone is going to succeed in this Netflix era on digital. It's going to be Disney. Yeah it's interesting that one of the you know I did sign up for it and then I had at this moment as a person without a little kid. I know your kid has been just. I think gambling this thing up right. Yeah Yeah but as a grownup whose child is no longer a kid like that Not only only did is sort of pause and think what I'm watching. I'm not like dying to see star wars again Of course I will at some point. Checkout them into Laurean but it didn't feel that you know based on the star our wars universe. I didn't feel that urgent and I tried to engage my college age daughter and say hey you love school musical and now there's this sort of fun thing and she was like. Yeah I'm okay so I you know it's not it's not necessarily I have this burning desire but I do think they will have no problem reaching their goals. Because of of that Cornucopia of a product that you know appeals to so many people yeah I mean Bagger has said by two thousand twenty four. They won't between sixty and ninety million subscribers to to make this thing a viable replacement for all the revenue they're giving up By not licensing this content to various television platforms and they took hit and their most recent earnings call. It was a seven hundred forty million dollar charge to the unit that houses this new direct to consumer product which is the cost of of putting all this content directly on their own platform. And not selling it so this is a major risk but so far at least it seems like Disney plus is off to a very promising beginning. Yeah meanwhile you know Disney has said it will do It will try to push push people who now subscribe to the FX Streaming Service to effects on Hulu which ultimately means that they will try to get somebody like me who might like things like fx offerings like better things absorb Lanta to pay the money for a bundle. Which is what I've been trying to avoid of Hulu? ESPN and Disney plus not for the seven dollars a month for Disney plus plus right now but for thirteen dollars a month. Which means that? I can't necessarily escape if I want to watch this. FX stuff. And I probably will want to watch some stuff. Yeah your lifelong goal of trying to not pay for. ESPN hitting by the Walt Disney Company. Because if you want the eveque shows in the FX ex- streamers now going away it's going to be bundled on Hulu as ethics on Hulu if you want that you're GonNa pay for Hulu and you're GONNA pay for Disney plus. Why not get the bundle that for thirteen dollars also includes? ESPN that's the way to keep ESPN floating even as people cut the cord. Thank you matt. Thank you that's Matt Bellamy editorial director of the Hollywood Hollywood reporter. He joins me this Monday at one thirty on the business. I'm Kim Masters. This is the Hollywood breakdown.

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