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Show welcome back to camp Randall stadium where today it's university Wisconsin and Michigan state was now pause ten seconds for network stations to identify themselves this is where your Detroit Lions and Michigan state Spartans football seven sixty WJR Detroit where Detroit comes to talk well today here on the road it's Michigan state of eighth ranked Wisconsin in terms of overall records Michigan state comes in with a forward to mark two in one of the big ten AM eight badgers are and be five in into in own conference play well you can pick up your favorite Riley of lay's potato chips and toasty rose to tailgate like Spartans basin tuxedos aren't essential part of the game day tradition and a proud sponsor of your Michigan state Spartans and with that guys you know all about food you can just look at it we know it welcome to drive me around cables I don't know what that means I thought I'd get the first shot in before you guys got right anyway the media round table as conveying the veteran Matt Matt Sherman from the Detroit news Graham catching Lansing state journal and Chris Solari from the Detroit Free Press the guys one question it is a thought for one believe or not I want to talk about it thoughtful responses of Toyota I'm I'm optimistic I'm optimistic if you go back to two thousand seventeen where the hallway not opening up with effective one two in a row because nobody cares because okay sorry I apologize see it's it's on this pay off a three okay I would forget that great okay back in two thousand seventeen quarterback brown work is a sophomore he's healthy he's passing pretty well is the team's second leading rusher in the end of the day Emma she goes ten and three on the air seventy two in the big ten now this go around two years later he's healthy again passing numbers I should say Russian numbers down a little bit passing the patient sees up as is is told offense the question is this give very two thousand seventeen at two thousand nineteen is Brian work you better the same or a shade off what do you think Matt he's kind of the same actually I think is not getting help by his receivers a whole lot I mean what we have to twenty two twenty three drunk most of the country so that's not really helping in the early Tuesday I feel like there's not much of the drops but allowed him to feel like there's good you know the fifty fifty balls plays there to be made guys are necessarily help him out you know you're not seeing guys make those really tough catches on a consistent basis which I think would obviously the drops would improve his number so maybe I'll be all hard I'm saying the same but the bottom line is what are you producing and I think the the positive for misuse state is he is much more like the two thousand seventeen guy than the one we saw last year yeah I think we can obviously say a lot of that last year to do the injury certainly early on the end result from the office of line kind of effect of that whole off and so I think this year is more what he is more what he was two thousand seventeen a pretty efficient passer not the greatest percentage passer but could get help out a little bit buys guys so this to me what we're seeing now is a bright working as a guide to throw the ball and make plays with his feet okay Graham couch Lansing state journal yeah I I think he's better than than two thousand seventeen Audi obviously last year the injury but you do see some elements of of of being a senior and and what what that can do for a team and and the way he runs a two minute offense and you know the other thing about two years ago they were such bad weather that year are there a lot of games or he was really forced running there for Saturday's were.

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