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In collectibles real estate etc is gonNA float a bitcoin but in terms of its visibility. It's liquidity. It's portability It's easy verification. it's absolute. Scarcity Bitcoin is actually superior to most of those in so. I think it will continue to be a a benefit benefactor of of asset flows over a long term horizon. I'm so at less than two hundred billion market capital. I think bitcoin is a long ways to go but sorry that's a very long winded way of answering the first question of what is the thesis around Bitcoin for the next few years you you know I think longer term as more capital flows in and as liquidity continues to increase with something like bitcoin obviously starts to get a lot less volatile so part of the reason why you know the payment stories early on Bitcoin weren't successful is that people don't acquire bitcoin to spend it they don't incur multiple percentage transaction action fee to acquire it and then for the merchants have to sell it for that kind of payment utility you know credit cards typically work pretty well but longer term as as liquidity grows was in market cap grows those movements of capital in and out of bitcoin start to have less and less effect on on its price and overtime becomes much less volatile which makes it more useful for payments and more likely that people are earning and spending it and I think that that could create kind of a a nice circle feedback loop at some point if I had to guess I'd I guess that would revolve primarily around bitcoin superior attributes as programmable money listed all those other store value assets. Obviously you know Picasso also paintings in gold or not programmable and you can do things with bitcoin that I would not otherwise be able to do with any physical asset and so I think longer term we're GONNA see increasing number of either products or services that leverage this progressive nature of Bitcoin to present alternatives and solutions that just don't exist today. I'm so don't even have any kind of real competition so in this case you know you really made a strong case for Bitcoin but obviously as a VC. You know you're kind of looking for probably newer not so well. Known Investments Stock can return the Fund for you so if Bitcoin is already ready so dominant and if it's also something where people can just go out and buy themselves they don't need you to do that. Like what kind of opportunities are you looking for and do you think it will be hard for you to to deliver those kinds of returns that would normally be expected of a venture fund. I think that actually the opportunities opportunities particularly adventure from get more appealing over time particularly as bitcoin appreciates just because you know the opportunity to find early stage companies that are solving particular the problems that we're hearing from from a lot of the financial institutions that would like to start working with Bitcoin

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