High Winds Threaten To Ground Giant Balloons In Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Seeing the Macy's thanksgiving day parade in person it's always been on more read Clark's bucket list it is magical and it's just amazing when you think of what all goes into it to create the whole parade she and her husband flew in from Arkansas but unfortunately for her the wind may make this parade the first one since nineteen seventy one with a famous balloons don't fly I'll be disappointed but I also recognize it's a safety thing she says she's glad to at least be here for the inflation watching PK two Snoopy Ronald McDonald all come to life though still tethered to the ground I'm keeping my fingers crossed their diplomacy says he's hopeful asking people to keep the city in their thoughts and prayers our colleague from the NYPD and office emergency management make the big decision early in the morning the balloons can't fly with sustained winds above twenty three miles an hour gusts above thirty four miles an hour the city put those regulations in place after the nineteen ninety seven parade when the cat in the hat balloon crashed into a light post and four people were injured on the Upper West Side Steve Byrnes WCBS newsradio

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