Booing The President, What Goes Around Comes Around Politics And al-Baghdadi's death


Trump was at the game last night where he was greeted with boos when his attendance was announced during the game accord the Washington Post the crowds sustained booing hit almost one hundred decibels and was followed by chance of lock him up impeach trump when he was introduced after the third inning he good morning and welcome to morning Joe it is Monday October twenty eight and with us we have MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemere president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of the bulk a world in disarray Richard Haass columnist and Associate the Washington Post David Ignatius and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Retired Four-star Navy Admiral James to Rita's he's chief international security and diplomacy analyst for NBC News and Msnbc it was sort of startling and sad to hear those chance of lock him up Saturday from the crowd I do no pleasure in that it really was there have been many traditions that have been brought about Donald trump and his supporters and people around that are UNAMERICAN of even fascist like a chance of lock her up the sent her back but the lock lock her up about Hillary Clinton repeatedly has become a centerpiece and that's what that's what dictators they take over and then they start talking about imprisoning others and it's un-american it's it's here here playing chant here aw that's that's unfortunately it's been fad to America's political system through Donald Trump and last night it was turned against him it but again it's it's it's un-american and the people in the stands that were doing it last night shouldn't have done it in fact they learned they have learned from Donald Trump that's what you do to political opponents I hope that Donald Trump after saying that he could be facing this entire campaign will cut it out we'll cut it up because this is I remember when Barack Obama was leaving office a lot of liberals wanted George W Bush tried by some international tribunal. I remember saying don't do it because it will be you on the other side of the presence he didn't have to worry about retribution from person that you follow yeah of course you don't you never think Mike Barnicle nobody everything's said anybody's ever going to follow them as president the United States when they first get in just like Donald Trump it's never he's never imagined it but live by the sword die by the sword and sure enough now you have donald trump having bar conduct an outrageous an outrageous investigation against Barack Obama and Donald Trump even calling the forty fourth president United States treasonous it's like this guy is just not smart enough to figure out that it goes around comes around and what he dishes out to others will be dished out to him that's why everybody has to tone it down stop chance stop with fat stop with fascists like tactics and the rhetoric it's just on I'm American and it's just not right yeah Joe and you know if you know this I mean most people know this what of people in this country just want the entire situation calmed down they want the country to come down they want candidates to come down be tough to have the crowd last night come down because really into it unfortunately but I think it's important going forward especially today as we talk about the events that occurred over the weekend that we take the time and the fought to separate it donald trump and whatever you feel about Donald trump to separate him and how he behaves in how he speaks from the actions of the Delta Force team the special operation now flew in and conducted that mission is to separate things and the best of the best of who we are and what we do around world's in why so much of the world still relies on this was in operation over the weekend Jonathan Lemaire you can speak to that but also last night yeah I mean it is certainly an American tradition to boo politicians who go to baseball games there's there's a rich history of the American president seeing the American pastime William Howard Taft was the first president throwing the first pitch I remember the Barco was there and every president since has at some point this accident has not yet not since taking office but he went last night I think the people around him we're hoping it could be part of the victory lap after announcing the death of album Dotty earlier in the day that of course was not the case but let's remember he's deeply deeply unpopular in the district of Columbia itself received about four percent of the vote there in two thousand sixteen obviously it's a little bit of a different crowd last night the world series it's more out-of-towners more corporate types still he was going to get booed and he was but certainly it comes at the end of what his administration feels like a a a significant watershed day for him to be able to make this announcement of the death as Mar Mike said you could separate the president and feelings towards him with what happened the day before in Syria this leader of Isis killed this is just gives president an image he thinks to put alongside President Obama's announcement of the death of Sama Bin Laden and it certainly comes at exactly the right time his people feel for it's an undeniable triumph to happen during the midst of the impeachment inquiry and it allows him to defend his Bryant C. and Syria just somebody Republican senators critical we know we're here we can we get we're GonNa get to that right now get Sewri obviously just follow pro Jonathan said there is a very long enrich fish presence it sporting events most of them do all different but now but again I speak to the lock him up chance again I it's just un-american it started with Donald trump in fact he's made it the centerpiece of his campaign rallies we find it sickening when it happened rallies Kinda sickening it's we we are Americans and we do not do that we do not want the world hearing has chant lock him up to that he created this president or any president that's all I'm saying let's hope is move forward maybe this one US fascist tactic he and his supporters us during chance that you were going to actually imprison your political opponents so let's evatt behind and just I don't we'll see we'll see if the astros possible going to finish it off in Houston I don't know if Max can pitch game seventy it's possible that's what she will tell me before we came but I said President Trump yesterday confirmed the death of Isis later Abu Baqer al-Baghdadi following a raid this weekend in northwestern Syria by US special operations forces president trump tease the announcement in the tweet on Saturday night writing quote something very big has happened God I know by the way they had not confirmed it happened at the time as the Washington clown show post points out the White House script on the death of brutal terrorist Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi was short but president trump turned a somber announcement into a vivid forty minute news conference that included bravado detailed descriptions of military option rations questionable statements and self promotion from the first day I came to office and now we're getting close to three years I would say doc where's al-Baghdadi I want al-Baghdadi and we would kill terrorist leaders but they were names I never heard of they would names it weren't recognizable and they weren't the big names some good won some important ones but they weren't the big name I kept saying where's Al Baghdadi and a couple of weeks ago they were able to scope amount you know these people are very smart than not into the use of cell phones more than not they're very technically brilliant you know they use the Internet better than almost anybody in the world perhaps other than Donald Trump but they use the Internet incredibly well and what they've done with the Internet through recruiting and everything and that's why he died like a dog he died like a coward he who is screaming and crying and frankly I think it's something that should be brought out so that his followers and all of these young kids WANNA leave various countries including the United States they should see how he died now Admiral S- Ravidas ah yeah we'll we'll see we'll get to the the strategic importance of what we get to but again just underlining un-american language and and the sound of tyrants again he died like a dog died like a coward upbringing screaming it's just can you please explain to maybe three of Donald Trump supporters who fist when they hear that the downside of that ny the forty four American presidents who preceded him did not talk about casualties on the ward even if they were the most heinous casualties like Osama bin Laden are are are you name it or Japanese opponents at war are not cease why we we didn't talk that way or Qaddafi in Libya for example In every case Joe the problem here is there's is that internal desire to kind of take victory lap but it's counterproductive it comes across as unprofessional it's spiking the ball in the end zone and here's the real problem it's motivational for the other side make an argument that it's a deterrent I don't think so I think that that tape will be played particularly that image of the dog in the Arab world is well known as as an extremely negative and that'll become a recruiting tool that the Islamic state uses on the Internet and for the record I'd say they're better than Donald Trump there managing apparently to conduct a global operations without owning a shred of territory in Easter after we took away the caliphate from them which was another good accomplishment they still conducted a massive attack in Sri Lanka using the Internet to recruit proselytizing conduct the operation they will use this footage to motivate their followers to recruit more. It's really not how we WANNA play the Yes it is it is actually a much smaller level it's what you call basically press clippings from from locker from for locker uh-huh where somebody on the other side said something you cut out the press clippings you put it up and you used to inspire other people in something we don't want here let's let's let's let's go Richard Haass go to and talk about the impact of the death and we'll we'll get into some of the other things I obviously I remember us being celebrating at least most Americans Saar cow was killed I believe it was in two thousand six two thousand seven thinking that the guy that really was the inspiration for Isis and of course that just lead to more silence splinter groups we of course all celebrated we had our on the deck of the Missouri moment a little bit when Osama bin Laden was killed and two thousand eleven we're all cheering but of course out of that came the rise of Isis and so I'm wondering it's we see very important death but do we make the same one man is going to end the movement that he was so successful in spreading the short answer is yes there's no such thing as decapitation when comes to dealing with terrorists because whether you call them networks of movements they're not narrow organizations that are highly structured we're getting rid of the leadership essentially Abel's all the fighters they'll they'll reform they may splinter and so forth decentralisation there in formality in some ways is is a degree of strain so I think we've got to keep the accomplishment as meaningful as it is in perspective and more important justice important you've got to take steps back and say are we putting ourselves in a position where we can do this sort of thing again and again as we will need to do and there I think the jury's out or you've got to say it's going to become much more difficult we're not gonNA have the forces on the ground collecting the intelligence we're not gonNA have partners like the Syrian Kurds and other Kurds doing so much there's still questions about the willingness of this administration to work closely with its own intelligence community so again yesterday was an important day but we shouldn't exaggerate it and I'm really worried about going forward whether we're going to be able to repeat this because we're going

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