Cowboys, Aaron Jones And Amari Cooper discussed on The Doomsday Podcast


Up every time they threw out there Amari Cooper was about head about five your gyros in such a position to make that interception because he was beat so badly the ball comes on Cooper these here I am runs a backer thirty-seven arts and sets up the percentage of the gate guy returns inception we're talking about I was talking about the running game and we talked about Aaron Jones right and his historic performance. Well you know at the end of the week Aaron Jones said publicly that he could go toe to toe with Ezekiel Elliot he can match him yard for yet which actually he did in two thousand seventeen game here that they won and hey the co I talked to coach meatless lower before the game about that he was not pleased about that he's he's a guy who doesn't like bulletin board material and he and he said to me hey you know that's a that's a damn good offense that the cowboys have that's a damn good running back if they have that's a damn good defense we're going against hey an Air Jones he stood up to it all he put it out there and he backed it up so it is a credit to him it's credit to us that we have a guy like Glenn Stretch Meth in we've just so many years as a coach a scout he's a very angry man he's a man that uses abusive language at times it's the reason why the alternate professional is what you're saying oh I think I think you can be professional Leeann use foul language we just have to put one of those Gary Try to do what's the what's the tag you're gonNA put on things in S W not safe for work when he comes on you gotta turn it down in the cubicle it is time for stretch plagues with Glenn Stretch Myths a stretch just in the aftermath of this well ended up looking closer than the game really was thirty four twenty four lost they they they Krill. Thirty one three at one point I let's start with the the fact that the the packers were able to gash the cowboys so much in the run game aim puts the passing game or the running backs or did that group look like for the cowboys upfront and then of course the the linebackers as well yeah well you anytime you start trying to get after Aaron Rodgers I mean he creates problems for you so I I'm I'm going to preface it by saying that now the cowboys are a big up the field one gap defensive line so anytime you see there inside guys with those staggered stances you know they're going to get either one gap or the other the thing that was so concerning is that they like to get you know they're they're they're one technique to one side and then a wide five to the same side so since there you've got to gaps that are open if you follow me and what happened is

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