Jalen Ramsey's troubled Jaguars tenure ends with blockbuster trade to Rams

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Terms of Jalen Ramsey will talk about this he finally got what he wanted the end result the disgruntled corner headed to the Los Angeles Rams the Jaguars finally relented and Ramsey to the west coast for first round draft picks two of the one in twenty twenty one in two thousand twenty one also a fourth rounder in the two thousand twenty one draft here's a statement for Jaguars executive VP. Tom Coughlin given the situation with Jalen we made this decision based on what we thought is in the best interest of the Jacksonville Jaguars for this season and well into the future we feel the trade that we struck with the rams gives us great value for the next two drafts and remain confident that our team today will compete this season for a division title Jalen Wasser Productive Flair but the time came to move on and we wish him and his family the best in Los A- Angela here's head coach Doug marrone obviously I had a good relationship with him and we were working together to get them healthy on the field and that that's what my focus was so he can get on the field and help us you know win football games and now you know how concentrating on on the players gotta here and and getting our guys focused on on on Cincinnati I think in his league nothing ever really surprises me anymore you know especially from the business side of things I found out like everybody else did last night you know lately point Dave came in and told me Rams reporter Lindsey theory joins us from L. A. and Lindsey listen there's been a lot of coming and going and all Ryder roster changes what's the general reaction to all of the news from the rams this week Wendy for a team that's three and three and in the mid of a three game losing streak certainly renewed buzz and energy at the team facility this morning now I am told the Jalen Ramsey is in route to Los Angeles and he's expected here later this afternoon or the rams do expect that he will pass his physical and I am told that he could be on the field for them as soon as Sunday against the Falcons now this would be viewed as a move where the rams are going all in once again to try to make a repeat super bowl run but I am told the Rams really believe that this is a move for their long-term future keep to leave and Marcus Peters or playing the season on expiring contracts Ramsey has another season left and the rams do intend to sign him to a long term engine now as you mentioned he's not the only new face here at the facility today Kenny Young Austin Corbett also were here they have passed their physicals though remains to be seen if they will be at practice later this afternoon and one more note Wendy Safety John Johnson is headed to injured reserve because of shoulder injury. Lindsey thank you it was a rare blockbuster trade a few weeks now before the trading deadline Ramsey joined a small handful of veteran players traded for multiple first round picks in the last third two years or so Khalil Mack and Jay Cutler garnered big offers from the bears the dolphins move two first rounders for Ricky Williams and it too big halls to get Herschel Walker an Eric Dickerson listen we can go back to the jags but since June Ramsey is moving onto the rams let's start with what he means for the La Rams Right now we'll Wade Phillips now gets a play defense the way he wants to Wakefield's really wants to play in your face on the line of scrimmage with the defensive line pressure and then in your face on the live with men cover corners. He hasn't been able to do that to be honest with you with Marcus Peters Marcus Peters is not not played good man to man coverage needs a better zone corner so now wade having Jalen gets the opportunity to get back to Colin defense the way he wants to do it I'll be really interested to see if they use Jalen the way we want I bill belichick thrill reverse where you put him on the team's best number two receiver and then everybody else gets to get double teams opposing for the opposing offense but it makes their defense significantly best Champ Bailey the dion sanders I mean the great quarters you can do that lock him up and then roll the other side I think you'll see that the other thing that was curious for me was that Tom Coughlin mentioned that Jaguars were better this year and going forward I think maybe either that was miss written or because they're not speak they're not better by getting a great player out of there so I miss quotes tim so expe- Joe Joe Listen you were you were spot on Jalen Ramsey never changed his stance which is what you asserted from the get-go and I would assume just finally came to a point where it just made no sense to have him on a roster when he wasn't going to win this transaction happened yesterday the first thing came to my mind is how often the people I was always talking to that this was going to work out for Jalen Ramsey like there was no fretting I didn't hear any fear and now that this is resolved itself in the way that it has it kind of plays into the tone that I've been hearing all along now I was talking to a source obviously familiar with Jalen Ramsey. They said that he's excited considering this a fresh start to be with the rams I think one of the questions that I had in talking to ram source last night was why not hold onto Marcus Peters to have opposite Jalen Ramsey in terms of making this movie now one thing that the ram source said to me is that it looked like it was clear that less need did not want to pay marcus. Peters beyond this year he's eligible unrestrained the free agency next year and it was better just to rip off quote unquote the band-aid now so then it becomes well who is opposite Jalen Ramsey for this game against the Atlanta Falcons they mentioned that two thousand seventeen when cal Roby Coleman I came to the teen that he did fill in for a keep to Leon outside first and second down and then on Nichols would have him excuse me on third down having a nickel or sometimes have troy hill on the outside and then have an RC in the middle so expect something like that or combination of that against the Falcons either way Julio Jones saw the rams problems in the short turn no because the opposite of the ball is atrocious right now and that's been there issue as far as being a front now what I will say is it does play into them getting better though like we can focus on golfing what this offense has been doing but with the guy like Jalen Ramsey not only does he hell Aaron Donald give him a maybe a half a second more to get to the quarterback he also may be able to steal a possession to for you and this ninety four was out there so air down gets another piece on the back end that can help him hold off quarterbacks for a second for him to get there and that's that's really all I can think about so maybe you

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