Apple’s AR Headset May Be Mere Months Away

Mac OS Ken


Here is a story to get your hopes up though maybe not one on which to hang your hat macrumors has t.f international securities analyst and Prolific Apple prognosticator Mingji quo saying that apple's a are headset is serious Salihi just months away the piece as the analyst indicating that Apple's augmented reality headset will enter mass production as soon as the fourth quarter of this year and time for an early twenty twenty launch hello you can call me Fox mulder because yes I want to believe the peace goes on to say quote understands that Apple's AARP glasses will be marketed as an iphone accessory and primarily ak- display role while wirelessly offloading computing networking and positioning to the iphone designing the AR glasses to work as an iphone X.. Sassari is also expected to allow apple to keep the glasses slim and lightweight rather than trying to pack all the processing power into the one device Shut up and take my money

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