Dow’s ascent clipped by Boeing’s slump

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Bowie under pressure again this morning stock fell nearly seven percent on Friday that's worst drop since February of two thousand sixteen after it was revealed that officials in Washington are intensifying their probe into the company's troubled seven thirty seven Max yet Bowen said yesterday it's still investigating leaked messages from a former test pilot from two thousand sixteen about a radical offer behavior on the seven thirty seven Max jet in later in the show we're going to talk to Ralph Nader about seven thirty seven Max investigation but I will say one of one of the nuances look you don't know who to believe in this but if you if you really read through what Bowie is trying to say about the messages that we saw on Friday and what this test pilot was saying if they're to be believed is they're saying that the these messages they're saying that they lied about this and that the plane was working radically really about a simulator they were claiming was malfunctioning. Not The plane enrich self now I'm not sure what the actual answer it over to the criminal investigation months ago FAA wants to know why they were owned bringing the FAA's attention well the piece today in the Journal is that out of the engineers at bowling or like contract it out to help the FAA so they have this dual role in now you see the stock today that's Today the six forty nine so my point just just separate from Boeing is at the Dow's up sixty five and it's fifty points really triple digits if it wasn't engaged I don't know why there's gotTa look through the other components to China I we have to decide what the other components are uh-huh that squirmy constantly changing data opponent currently Goldman Sachs yes and Nike walgreens Walgreens so you know I'm I'm GonNa look this morning what the Dow actually consists of and then we can look at which ones are

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