Trudeau tries to hold on to power in tight Canada election


Canadians are voting today on whether to keep prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in power the race is tight after revelations of scandals involving Trudeau David McGuffin reports from Ottawa there is a sense of relief that voting day is finally here and the campaigning is over it's been an election featuring moments like this a familiar American chance this time aimed at Justin Trudeau had a Canadian conservative rally conservative leader and you sure did put a stop to lock him up but overall this is been a campaign where the focus by the main party leaders has been on why the other guy isn't qualified for the job here's Andrew Scheer over the last four years he has demonstrated time and time again that he is unworthy of that office he is not worthy of the trust Canadians placing him to respect top spare dollars and safeguard our democracy against corruption his ongoing scandals and coverups have because Canadians to lose faith in the integrity of their government Truro scandals have included photos that emerged during the campaign of him wearing black faces a young man and this summer he was found guilty of trying to pressure his Attorney General to obstruct justice in a case involving a Liberal Party links company it's all work to undo his reputation as a progressive leader pushing for

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