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House releases Morrison, Williams transcripts in impeachment inquiry


In a weekend closed door house hearing today to depose a career White House official in the impeachment inquiry office of management and budget official mark sandy was expected to detail how the multi million dollar military aid package for Ukraine was finally released Republicans at the hearing included New York congressman lease older they're trying to make a case for quid pro quo and they're not talking about the fact that president Zielinski himself said he felt no demand that there was no pressure there was no quid pro quo transcripts released today in the impeachment inquiry show U. S. ambassador Gordon silent played a central role in president trump's effort to push Ukraine to conduct a political investigation of the bidens and Ukrainian gas company breeze Mar as a condition for receiving needed military aid it's Jim Morrison's testimony former top official of the National Security Council they contradict much of ambassador Simons own testimony behind closed doors both Morrison and silent are expected to testify publicly before the house next week as is Jennifer Williams the staff report vice president Mike pence her closed door transcript was released today too as ABC's Ben Siegel Williams recalled that the president of Ukraine mentioned breeze my even though a rough transcript of the phone call later released by the White House only said

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House releases Morrison, Williams transcripts in impeachment inquiry

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