Sen. Ron Johnson: Trump withheld Ukraine money because of country's massive corruption, not quid pro quo


Republicans say there was no quid pro quo when president trump froze military aid to Ukraine this past summer Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson said on NBC the president was only concerned about corruption in the country not about an investigation of former vice president Joe Biden who is already leaning toward providing that finding on August thirty first my guess is that it is never would've been exposed that funding would have been restored and our relation you crane would be far better off than it is today Connecticut democratic senator Chris Murphy said on CNN there's more to the story now the planes are always going to try to put a good spin on this Ukrainians are going to come out and accused the president of extortion why because they are presently reliance on the good will of Donald Trump in order to keep that country safe it if they can't take on the president because at any moment he could stop the security aid once more the public impeachment hearings will continue this week CBS news update I

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