Motorola Razr Brings the Flip Phone Into 2020


We're going to focus today on one product one announcement one thing. That thing is the not a brand. New Nostalgia filled Motorola Razor. It was announced on late late on Wednesday Wednesday night. Yeah in La at a very chic. paush crazy weird events It had line diplo. That's that's kind of the with the year for the actual party part or like what you just there for the briefing with yet and I was there for the party part that I'm glad you weren't there for that because it was It was a bit of a I see well I knew what it was. GonNa I get into their I I I think I mean I'm not here to to be a pain but you know how I always say it how it is and I just feel like more read in a very good job with this event but at the phone however the thing is a different thing altogether so let's go back to two thousand four when the the Motorola Razor V. Three was announced This was not by any means the most you know the first flip phone right full nor for one thing but there were. There were standard issue in North America. At least right candy bars were more popular. In Europe like the NACCHIO's everybody loves But yeah I mean. We had flip phones everywhere. But they're all plastic you. They were thick their basic like a pebble in your pocket. And you know we kind of tolerate them for better or worse right right. And then the V. Three comes out and it's it's beautiful it's well made It's satisfying. It's it means. Something seventy gene new concept first of all. It was the first really thin phone if you opened it up. It was thinner than five millimeters or something or five ish millimeter thick at the time that was like unheard of right and then the other thing is made of medals. And last like M- materials that you didn't see in phones at the time I mean there's so some plastic like the Chin and stuff off but the front cover was glass the The the keyboard was made of this weird like laser cut stainless steel and the shelling was aluminum. So I mean it was. Wow and the name razor comes with those of you who don't know this comes from the fact that if you look at it with especially with the Chin it open from like side profile. It looks like a razor blade. That's just opened or closed right right. It looks like a straight edge razor. Exactly Yeah so fast forward six or seven years and Motorola tries this whole thing again and they come out with a a new razor in Canada at least it was just called the Motorola Razor in the US. It was a verizon exclusive called the the razor was that the DROID AJ's arrays droid Roy's razor and this was again something kind of it was. It was one of the first phones use. Kevlar it was. It was it kind of whittled down to a very thin point. Trying to hearken back to that razor design it was one of the first old led displays this it was a it was a gentile lead. which at the time was a little controversial but it was not well received it was? It wasn't fooling font it was is a very thin looking android phone right exactly but it was. It was shortly after the release of the of the DROID line And and it was meant to again. Give Motorola that brand bump but this was a very different era right. This was twenty eleven early days of Android Motorola. Rola was still a big player. Fast forward to now right. We Motorola barely in the conversation especially when it comes to flagships so so the Motorola Razor Twenty twenty. We're going to call that. Yes a flip phone. But it's also a foldable phone so when you saw this for the first time. I'm at the briefing on Tuesday. What were your initial impressions? Well so I saw the leaks I ride. Could I knew what I kind of knew what to expect. And you know leaks. I mean you know this Daniel. There's more for your audience leaks of pretty much generally on point and I- industry so if you see a leak you can pretty much you know we have some good leakers. Otheir I I was like wow. This is exactly what we saw. But like. I'm sitting in the presentations next to Michael Fisher. Mr Mobile and I'm like at first come. Yeah whatever you know he gives to understand up doing phone since about two thousand five actually since the original razor and and I get jaded you know you get like. There's a lot of hype and marketing and and you know. This came out very strong on hype when they announced the event the way they invited people very few people and all that so I was just kind of rolling is a little bit but then the presentation a really glued me and I was like wow okay so this is just not this not just fluff. This is real I in the sense that it seemed like moral really did some great design work my background's engineering and so as looking at the engineering of this engine display and how it all goes together and the head some actual engineers up there talking to us about got it and what their design choices. where I'm like? This is actually good. Like this. and Michael Kept like elbowing. Ham yellowed me and we're looking at Shiloh and like nodding going Holy Crap this is. This is just be the first folding phone that doesn't suck your doesn't fall apart when you use it. Definitely Design Choices Jason. Yeah it definitely felt like the everybody saw the leaks as you said but it felt like the expectations were exceeded especially around the fact that the phone so there has been a a sort of trend of the last few months to associate foldable phones as delicate kid. I mean the galaxy fold is the reason for that but by and large. They're made of plastic. The screens themselves basic. The hinges ages are mechanical and therefore while Samsung and wall way have said that they are going to hold up. After you know for hundreds of thousands of you've of Ben's the reality suggests otherwise and We've seen tear down by fix it and Jerry. Everything that is just how fragile these components actually are and the bravado with which Motorola came out and said this is a stainless steel phone. It's it's also a foldable phone but we don't have to baby it you don't have to worry about it falling apart in fact you can even get wet and it's not gonna it's not gonNA stop. Ah Let's be clear here. First of all this is what they claim. And what my experience touching. The phone is confirmed that the engineering is sound. At least you know. We'll we'll tell six months a year from now the water thing. I think the expectation is that they've done the best they could to water ingress. Won't hopping in the hinge. And so that is non coated like mortar. As this thing I think it's proprietary to them or maybe it isn't in this make it sound like it is but they have not according all their phones and what it is is the phone actually truly water resistant. Water can get in. But everything's quoted in this coding repels water meaning that a won't a bit of moisture during their one damage to phone. So that's what they're saying. So I think in my opinion if I'm GonNa Pitch this to someone I'm going to say. This is a splash resistant phone. Meaning you can use it in the rain and as long as it's not pouring rain you can use it. You can accidentally like you know what it real quick and as long as you drive up real fast you'll be fine you know it's non don't dunk it though that's not gonNa that's GonNa be good right so the phone the the the actual inside screen it is six point two inch plastic oleg display. It's unfolded it's it's a twenty one by nine aspect ratio skinny tall. It's similar to an experienced one or an experienced five shakespeare. Five is almost a dead ringer of it because expire five six. Point one inches. twenty-one by nine right it's I've got a bit of Basil Top and bottom so it together like that adds up to what the Chin would be on the on the razor. So it's almost a match. I think for people who don't have these phones because they're kind of rare it's the width of Pixel four non excel and a high of a pixel four xl. Okay that's a good way of putting it and and so it is just you know it opens up to being a regular size phone six point nine millimeters thin so it's it is really thin but when it's closed it's half that size at its fourteen millimeters thick thicke. Yeah so it's exactly the same thickness and height as the original razor when closed just a little wider. Basically if you know the original razor that's what you have you picture in your

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