Pilot killed after plane crashes into New Jersey home


Several residents of the central New Jersey community of colonia reported hearing a late morning explosion it was a small plane slamming into a home that was destroyed by fire the pilot identified a seventy four year old Manhattan cardiologists doctor Michael Schloss was the only one on board WCBS reporter Peter Haskell with more the top floor of this two story house was obliterated the twin engine Cessna has slammed into the back creating a massive crash in Shelton felt something hit her house and rushed outside you could just see this huge plume of black smoke and a ball of orange flames thirty forty feet in the air absolutely amazing the plane was heading to nearby Linden airport in the pilot was believed to be the only one on board Woodbridge mayor John McCormick's his fortunately no one on the ground was hurt you know you have to remember there's a school right around the corner so thank god with you know several hundred kids in school thank god the plane down anywhere near the school to homes on either side of eighty four Berkeley Avenue were also damaged in colonia Peter has told WCBS newsradio eight

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