Navy, South Florida And Jaguars discussed on Blowout Winner


The season thus far six to one against the spread with two very big winners on Saturday we clean house with navy minus the fifteen and a half maybe source sixteen over South Florida thirty five to three winner and it was Appalachian state little bit later on in the day winning fifty two to seven over you Wellman role as a fifteen point favorite I came back on Sunday absolutely cleaned up again early I was on the Jaguars over the bangles and nice to touch down winner as well as the LA rams going into Atlanta and just on loading on the falcons in blowout fashion later on in the evening Sunday night football in America was on another blow out what are the Dallas Cowboys core rushing the eagles thirty seven two seven am I only blemish on Sunday with the Seattle Seahawks at home not showing up to play ball against the Baltimore Ravens try took a loss there what came right back with a huge winner on Monday night thirty three to nothing the New York Jets got smoked by patriots Bella check Brady in company absolutely crushed all game long now guys that brings my overall hi role a club record this season two twenty four and three against the spread and I'm making it twenty five and three against the spread today with this high roller club underdog lock that will wait out right in double digits we could bet this game on a points right we can bet this game on the moneyline and we can absolutely put you in a position where you're coming out of to day with the bank role that will last the rest of the season now if you're a hundred dollar player guide you should be moving at least one thousand dollars on this underdog lock if your office balancing dollar player ten thousand dollars on this underdog block I promise you the information I have acquired makes this game an easy out right underdog winner and we can Bennett on both the point spread and the money line get this.

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