Discussing Leading up to Breeder's Cup 2019 (With Scott Hazleton, Nick Luck, Gina Bryce, Frank Mirahmadi)


Tasers plus i'm working came about ten years ago now i think it was wins and jato is still running goodyear to come i think she won the this stuff yeah and so i missed her agonizing defeat but yeah great to be back we mortar place kind of standing here thinking why do i live why do i live in the UK suv amen code and i i try to live here as much as i possibly can and you've been you've been stateside a ton the last several months skull and comparing notes as to how many days spent away from home this year i was beaten by you you will have someone nearly two hundred i think about one hundred twenty six months for me my very long suffering wife is just that if you need to pass assistant i'm happy to come along make the coffee whatever i'd say it's a pretty good gig you got going on out here on a day like today looking over the mountains perfect temperature top class horses cantering i you all is well with the world now and ideally from from here on in the next seventy two hours through saturday tonight get them all around safe and make this make this the the idyllic session that it should be the from from art lips god's ears as we say i wanted also to to the dubai experience right the last the last several years the the international i scott i mean lucky enough to where it we've got a royal ascot gina as well jeanine scott on the same royal ascot show now skull comes over and does a great job for fatigue as well then dubai and dubai together on on that show so yeah trips have been right i mean you can't get rid of me and to be honest with you our our our first encounter we always have we have this connection our first encounter which bad pinch is not here for this story because we're all together was the two thousand seven breeders cup at monmouth park it was my first big remote for HR TV it was was your first go second chauffeur ESPN yeah and it was lafitte lafitte was during the winter cycle presentations i show and we somehow not surprisingly found each other and managed to hang out more than a few times it was of course that week it was often oblique experience that we well saturday and sunday uh about friday and saturday but we're not talking about the weather though you're you guys were well the rain was what i call crying baby rain you think naturally has to stop but it never does danger this week that was is that was as frustrating a scenario as you'll ever going to have around racetrack it was gorgeous every single day that i got i got to meet scott hazelton think either third how i was blessed and we've not looked back since twelve years later here we are that was i i was there broadcasting for for me that was actually my first that was the first season of the show when i was alone was two thousand seven and broadcasting from from the from john heinz office that compound here and the show was four o'clock at that time four to seven so i was there all day and i basically ended up answering phones and helping people tickets and and really i was always met the days i that's one of my fondest memories let's get some let's get some thoughts and nick i always rely on you for international purposes however you've been covering all the lead ups so you know your opinions can go far beyond the the euro's but from an introductory stand point some of the horses this year that that are are kind of new and of course we had not a bayton switch but magical and up disappearing at the last minute and it was frustrating because she was ready to the sun aim she'd have been the marquee name as she'd been here given i welsh around last year and the season she's hiding she went on champions are champions weekend but she's not so on we go there isn't not substan- aim if you'd like to to hang the european challenge on but it scott some debt and there are plenty of hoses who legitimate i think probably the most interesting pair of horses is old persian and anthony van dyck see whether they can whether they can let down to bricks and mortar on the on the turf in the mile and a half race and whether they can expose any shortcomings in in bricks and mortar stamina i don't if you saw the clip on on twitter of me accosting chad yesterday it was a good natured exchange i said to my overcomplicating it he said you always complicate everything i think the the influence i was supposed to draw was that breaks it was just a good horse and i i think he'd be impervious to distance but i i think there's a dealer confidence in the ballydoyle camper van dyken can step up i think you'll have to step up a bit even though he's won a dobby and finish that in an irish champion stakes i think he needs another little step foot but they seem to think he's had the perfect preparation and he's by no means an afterthought they've had this race lined up for him since the summer and that always when we get to this juncture very often we've talked about horses that at the last set again they said oh let's go and and those horses invariably don't run well exactly so it's it's great that he's he ain't going great record in the race he's probably comparable to one one or two of his winners atn equivalent stage of their career he's he's legitimate and i can't seem finishing out of the out of the front path really i said to michelle when i was chatting to a yesterday on on the TV gee breakfast show and i'll say it again if old persian doesn't get any love from the batter's he's probably worth passing because on his full from your last year and his form for made on earlier this year a mile and a half on firm turf he's a he's a very good host but he does need to take a leap forward from the canadian run which was just okay even though he won the triple digit bar though did he not a one can rier you can run fast but just there wasn't much depth to the race fair enough for the work that i want to bring up to is a lou neck the ville de mar hicks runner because if desert encounter doesn't make that spectacular run at woodbine doesn't doesn't he show up here with a little bit of a little i'm chad i'm chairman of the desert encounter fan club only only a really ardent admirer of his exploits think he would have any kind of a show in anna breeders cup too so i think he's a show plan alaniz maybe he's honest horse who has proven that he's effective in north america but i think that's about us boulder cases i can make fair enough at an eugene you sort of perked up at the mention of his name all right yeah i actually agree with nick on the on the breeders cup turf but i just saw time christmas go past this morning on friday i think that's pretty amend as a bit of a lottery that race and they're coming down the hill and you want to get a good break and be drawn well and and get on with proceedings but the europeans quite well drawn in that race seems to be quite a few in with chances is one that's really so stamped his authority on the five furlongs sprint division at home it's a nice little horse his knee and actually when you see him go past he's not going to take the i really but i think he could be quite interesting and he's in a good spot there archie watson does really well with his juvenile he's bringing over a runner and band practice i think it's been joined in two so you'd expect him to had to be sharp and out and and another one with a with a chance but i think the juvenile houses some sometimes the race is that europeans can can occasionally pinch on the turf and there's a few interesting ones this year lucky though that with it being it's a different this year because this is only the second year of the juvenile turf sprint they had but they didn't it wasn't consecrated until she was able to race on the on the go a bit but having it around the band i think that the wesley horses have the advantage of their speed they out of the gate they get that position on the turn and then while you know it's it's game over it's not what you know the european i used to i think camario win if she breaks she's i know that's the that's the if i honestly think she's she couldn't it took a role of keeneland didn't that it took a rule of the stretch kaitlyn and then they're not gonna come back here i don't think we saw last year pledges hose just came out and blasted a multiple that was a different type of course it was it was i guess but i i don't know i think she wins if she breaks success good chances we'll drive drive yeah it's interesting they've taken a ali to wolverhampton to try and chain around the bend and get used to that because you know they you say they all going to encounter different different conditions today sir friday and they've only been running on the straight it's tough five gallons they've had to practice changing awesome getting out quickly and coming around a bend if you were there's there's one thing that unites ceos like a ali in the juvenile turf sprint and a host like anthony van dyke in turf is that this fixture has been on the top of their agenda since the summer so you're talking about hostess who are being specifically targeted at the breeders cup there's to die yet would be another one in the long race for fillies on the turf the to your own race on the tough and raja verion before she even one and finish second on an island in the moya he was saying i want to go to california with an east had some success with osa finishing placed in breeders cup races before they they have three hoses who have been typically targeted at this fixture right from the word go this year

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