NCAA to let college athletes profit from their likeness

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The state of California force their hand here and with more states incubating Lee solution now the board of governors wants to immediately begin figuring out how to update its roles change is scheduled to be complete by January Twenty Twenty one board chair Michael Drake said the decision quote we must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes additional flexibility in this area can and must continue to see what college sports is part of higher education this modernization of the future is a natural extension of the numerous steps that NCW members have taken in recent years to improve support for student athletes including full cost of attendance and guaranteed scholarships. Today I mean look you can tell from my voice is a little hard for be flawed people who are forced at knifepoint to make a change for them talking about how they're embracing change or embracing because everyone made you and by the way they spent lobby being dollars in California to try to fight this They spent money to try to prevent athletes from getting money that's how much they wanted the schools to get the keep the money that they're getting off the athletes what do you how do you feel because I'm apparently holed worked out a little bit ironic because you mentioned the cost of attendance and I just could I use that scholarships should be your compensation right but it's it's really interesting because a degree you get sometimes it's not the degree you wanted to get you know what it's like at Stanford when we're there it was work student athletes softball and basketball it was work and there are a lot of students that are your peers that are also doing work and they can profit off of their name and their likeness what Stanford it was like building up since starting businesses meanwhile we're student athletes that are pretty much working a nine to five and then on top of that going to school and then graduate and you're like okay was this the degree that I really wanted sometimes it just doesn't feel right especially when you're you know we talk about the one percent that makes big money in the NFL or the NBA or the WNBA but the ninety nine percent I think they should get a piece of the Pie as well well I mean the it's a good point you make about the degree you get because the there's a lot of things doors that are closed like you can't go study abroad you can't take after noon classes well that's when we practice you know I always remembered every year I would do an internship and we'd have to run it through the compliance office make sure that I didn't get that internship sports illustrated for women because I was a student athlete at Stanford that this wasn't an extra benefit so there's all these stupid rules that needs to go away or at least be revised but I think we're really talking about is a fundamental system change and there is so much more work to go and I'm frankly like yes there is a greeting your teeth and saying that that statement was obviously written by a highly paid political communications consultant and they did a nice job breaking it because they're embracing change because they have no choice but to embrace but one I'm just glad we're not on the court system because this could have gotten longer uglier and more expensive to where at least now the MTA says okay if we must change at least we'll be a part of it at least we will not fight it anymore and they're going to try to determine some of their own ways that they're going to change rather than have it forced upon them I mean they I think they saw the at a public opinion turning Lebron James a big part of changing that public opinion he tweeted quote it's a beautiful day for all college athletes going forward from this day on thank you guys buying me to bring more light to it I'm so proud of the team and uninterrupted bringing focus to this and to everyone who has been fighting this fight not a victory but a start he's right about that the interrupt team did a big documentary on on this that was really effective. He's been very outspoken dream on Greenspan outspoken Kevin Durant has been outspoken and when voices like that help younger the players and reach a hand up I think it makes a difference it's GonNa make a difference now in these guys actually getting compensated for some of what they earn that notoriety that they're bringing their

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