Dozo with Sunday it baseball's Jessica and does and Jess Wow that game last night was insane that's the kind of name I got to tell you do the post-game work and you go back to the hotel and you're staring at the walls in the hotel room wide awake because you have so much his rental in and I was what about you because eventually I did go back to sleep but you had to get up like three hours later to get up this morning yeah it was up at five and then you write everything and I know now I have such an appreciation for writers because I like to give all of because I know that everyone that I'm working with this morning didn't watch the game and so I basically the right everything that I feel like we're the highlights of things I want to get into all the stuff I need them to look up graphics Oh that's put me up until one two in the morning and the I'm upset if I walk into work and getting ready to go so I'm a morning person it's been the nights that like that's why I'm so excited about this game six because I'll tell you what there's been a couple of games this world series where I'm like fighting sleep in the sixth seventh innings. I've only got a few hours this one I mean buster there were times I was jumping on my bed in my hotel room liking the TV Blake I'm sure my neighbors the hotel do not appreciate I'm like come on the world series game six you should be watching it was it was a nutty gate for the most part we'll put it this way in the first five games the world series there was one lead change last night we had two plus all the craziness for that game distinguish itself from the rest of the world series and I've got a laundry list of stuff to get tune we'll get into all of what happened last night but let's start with this I thought you know Dave Martinez what an emotional night like he goes absolutely nuts during the course of the game we're in the seventh inning stretch and he looked down the field and all of a sudden I see Dave Martinez being restrained by one of his coaches and he's going after the umpires he winds up getting a in our life by the Japan and their life go ahead the one who's restoring him he's gotTa winds up being rejected first manager in twenty three years to be objected from a world he's game and then after the game you get knuckleheads like me going in there and ask you know the right questions about how he felt in that moment and what did you think about the call I Dave Martinez handled it perfectly because he's like you know what I don't WanNa get any that I don't want to talk about that and he said it respectfully he said I I understand but you know what it's all about game seven in so many words and that's exactly what I thought he should have done in that moment considering what the outcome was there was no reason for him to relive all the details game unless they lose like I feel like and not that you want to relive it anyway and you WanNa take the high road but there was a moment there and this is for the people who weren't watching the game live but when you're watching it live during the entire time empires had the headsets on that that the showing trae Turner in the out just the emotions completely I mean honestly watching the broadcast they were bleeping out every other word was coming out of that dugout because it was so much emotion it felt like that something we're gonNA WE'RE GONNA be talking about this moment for years because in that moment it felt like the nationals are gonNA lose this game and this is why it's GonNa be because of this so I think Dave Martinez would have been a completely different person had anthony rendon day income and hit that home run I think then he would have been a lot more but when you win the game and it's like why go back in blow up that entire call a hundred percent and that's what I thought was really smart by him to not go back and relive that because they won the game and they force game seven and game seven will be started by Max Scherzer who chess on Sunday comes walking stiffly into the interview room in front of reporters he When he was answering questions he wasn't turning his neck he was sitting in his wheelchair and turning the whole swivel chair to talk to reporters and he was so down he gets a cortisone shot which pitchers talk about is being such essentially a miracle drug and then yesterday when we walk into the Ballpark here in Houston he's in catching the outfield and goes to Intel's Day Martinez I'm ready to go and you get the feeling that this could be something that could fire or at the players I asked David about that before the game yesterday about you know whether or not the players might rally around this any mentioned that time when Max fouled the ball off he was on face broke his nose and the next day Texan picture instead I'm good to go and he started that day with the black is Dave said that got the players fired up I gotta believe tonight there'll be so much adrenaline Max on the mound especially because I mean from that press conference buster and and for those of us that know him he was devastated Leanne devastated on Sunday that he could not help his team and I felt like it worked in the reverse like he could not hide the emotion of how much he felt like he was leading his team down and because of that and not because that's the sole reason they lost by any means at all but I felt like the team reacted to his devastation and not just him not pitching the overall vibe that he was giving like I feel awful that I can't pitch in game that I'm supposed to I think it works in the reverse for game seven because he is battled on everything he can the cortisone shot I think my only concern was shirt tonight is we've seen in his starts in this postseason him go one hundred ten and plus pitches how much length can't he give this team now the good thing is you know Daniel Hudson Sean deal those two pitchers you can use anybody pretty much out of the bullpen and there is more options for Dave Martinez out of the bullpen but what we've seen is they need length from these starters how much length can shares her bring your stuff was just flat from the get-go the guys more pitches than anybody in baseball this year over four thousand he just he just didn't have it and I think it was because he he's tired at the end of a long year and right that's the question about Max tonight on the other side we're GonNa see Zach ranking who's also looked tiredness postseason and I would assume that he's he followed by Garrett Cole I talked to Garyk before game six and asked him about how his ability with game seven was something he was handling because of the flight on the day last turn it had a similar situation where normally I would pen on day two but since we were flying I decided to it settled in DC and throw my pen on day three which for this week sets up pretty much the same exact way and I felt really good last week on day three so I'm just taking the same routine did last week to prepare for the bullpen as I'm doing this week to prepare for possibly having to pitch game seven yes I think he's GonNa wind up pitching like innings four through six tonight what do you think yeah I think so I think this is something that you definitely see and I think just for the royalva nats I mean to be able to get to that grinky you know the point that they want to be able to do they're going to have to do it early and once they do that knowing what is looming in the bullpen and that's one thing opposite of the nationals is the astros have so many guys that they can go to and Garrett Cole who has been the ultimate throw down the hammer are you know for the scene the one point I have to make with Garrett Cole and I know we've seen it so much but the last time he has pitched in relief you go back to his freshman year at us Cla I went and looked at this against the ant eaters gave up a winning run I mean this is like I know it's liked onion cheek like it's been how long since he was a little frothy with the Bruins this is something that I do think fans that now we've seen it time and time again from Randy Johnson no Madison Bumgarner these star pitchers come out of the bullpen it's not as easy is it looks folks he's talking about it being similar to bullpen game he's never done it really he's never done it as a professional he's never done it with the Astros this is something that I think you definitely look for especially early on if he's coming in mid inning what what is he doing where's his heart rate because it's definitely different than than coming in just as the starter all right let's dig into game six last night we'll start with this golf clap or Stephen Strasburg watching that last night just reminded me of how I felt during the two thousand fourteen postseason watching Madison bumgarner where he seemed so in control where even when there were runners on base pitching backwards coming back and counts by throwing off speed pitches he was just absolutely composed and in the end despite the fact that Max Sherzer got up at one point in the sixth inning there Stephen Strasburg still out on the mound in the ninth inning what a performance the fifth five no yeah this amazing to me again Jose Altuva and I remember in the moment I sent this note to our producer in the moment I was like I don't know what's GonNa Happen in this game but to me this is the stories this isn't even the game like that fifth inning at bat it to Jose Altuve to me was the series why I mean you have a pitcher or a hitter up to bat similar to the Anthony Rendon in the first inning where all you really gotta do is put the bomb play take one of those breaking balls fine whole get to the grass score some runs and respond and felt like to all the guys in that order that's what he does I mean that guy can hit anything and Stephen Strasburg you'll get three pitches he started on what the

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