Are Freddie Kitchens and Baker Mayfield Holding Back the Cleveland Browns?


GonNa go right to the fourth quarter quarter with the browns so they're down for points and Baker Mayfield and the browns run a draw play on fourth and nine and not surprisingly they came up short short then late in the fourth Cleveland at another opportunity with the first and goal from the four yard line the browns called four straight past plays with the last one resulting in an interception from Baker. That is the game for the rams after the game coach Freddie Kitchen said he regretted the play calling late in the game but Baker said it was more than that take a listen. If you're looking blame somebody blame me. Don't blame me of our players. Don't blame any of our other coaches. Just blame me because I can take it all right. So you know just blindly go go rach article and say I must have game up. Go article and say smile faulted. Things not looking like it did last year because it is. I know what you guys are. GonNa try and do is talk about the playcalling they call him but I said executions the most important thing you know whatever whenever we have called we gotta do our job all right Shannon how much blame that does Freddie Kitchens deserve here. There's a lot of the blame because give the office coordinated the coach and he's the play caller. I Guess Bakersfield Dangerous yesterday. Did you wake feeling dangerous. Gear Alexa dangerous lately. He needs to feel the need to wake up feeling danger. Tennessee woke up feeling real dangerous and that they did. Did you know what skipped look. Freddie is learning that that's to wear two hats in the NFL gets a really hard job. That's why a lot of a lot of guys. Just give that up they either just keep the headset on so they can hear everything or they call you like Andy. Reid is very unique cow Shanahan and guys like that a very unique skipped dream to be able to call the plays and be a head cold but Freddie the the thing that's hurting frady is expectations afraid of the head coach last year if they didn't have these expectations but because of the way they played the close out the season yeah and now they add dale they will add alleviate Vernon they they get they get agreement. We've the draft you like who the brow and you see the subtractions in Pittsburgh. Maybe is no longer there. ABC's no longer there yeah yeah and then what week two bengals out so now that really ratcheted up taste so now everybody expecting the browns to be really really good look doc. That's why I say each year in of itself because last year has no bearing on this year and I think the browns players and and fans are starting to realize that Freddie is starting to realize the expectation that comes along with expectations. I'm the head coach because he didn't have a whole lot of experience calling rolling blades. He's never been a head coach so now he's the head coach which means he's the CEO of the operation but by the same token. He's got a call all the plays now. I don't know what the hell call now. If I didn't no but elsewhere Freddie Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings coat the fourth and now you can't what the hell is that draw draw play on Yahoo. They were GONNA try to fool Agassi's pass. It got eight yards do remedy it was he ended up seven yards short. I was wondering if I was missing something watching. I'm like wait. Am I getting the goal. You got shows. You got nick. You don't give you one. Kerry now was a live. Let's put back and let's run. It is so you go so you got nick who you save or. I'M GONNA keep everybody happy. I'M GONNA get down. Here's Kevin Jarvis if Catcher Chila. It'll be thirty okay. You give make sure one crack please. okay okay scared. We're told you you keep trying to keep everybody happy to win. Games in everybody's going to be saying 'cause everybody because everybody's GonNa be safe because they nobody's gonna be getting their catches and you'll be losing games and you're going to be in a lose lose situation wages and you're going to be a part of their now that Jimmy and de Havilland. They look like hold on Okay John Dorsey now. We gave you everything everything that you want it. You got a quarterback overall. You got all these weapons. Jarvis Landry got a you got Joel hurt him but here's the things when you you made that trade y'all trash because you got the ninety nine deflategate boy human too. We're talking about the guy who had zero Saxon three the playoff games and it has zero sacks against the cowboys and the Guy who took the Cleveland browns cannot protect Baker Mayfield. They haven't for free games and the Rams took full advantage of that last night. What did I say Friday. Baker Mayfield is about to be in the wrong place at the wrong time against Wade Phillips defense offense that Cap Tom Brady and check for almost the entire super bowl. Am I right about you. Skip in another thing before I let you go. They traded their bust of Islam lobby. Get Out I'll be at the end of the day. You can have all the shiny pieces. You won't skill all these cashier that look nice. You better have a guard or to guard the money now. The money right now is six Baker Mayfield. You got a bunch of predate cashiers. You Got Jarvis and he got dale. You've got all that stuff. I did pillows but nobody protecting the money in his sketches for fifty six yards really the impact the game. Do you remember any of Nope. NOPE nope nope no so given that that was Wade Phillips Defense and right now. I think that defense is even a little better than then. Bill checks defense. That's how good it is because it has more star power to it because to leave did a number on Odell last night. I don't care what you say. You know. They'll get loose down on the field one time he had a nineteen yard catch. It didn't do much okay now back to Freddie Kitchens. I'm not sure he's going to last a whole year. I'm just not sure because bag years kept finding coach in the middle of the how I think it's it's just getting a little darker and darker in Cleveland because remember they have to go go to Baltimore next Sunday Baltimore better than everybody thought in there I think five point underdog there are five and a half actually five and a half point underdog so that the game you better believe believe it or the forty niners three and Oh yes they beffa movie bouquet. The next game is a Monday night game in Santa Clara against against the forty nine. It's Elizabeth game and then the seahawks visit. Seok student looked great yesterday but they did go to Pittsburgh while Rothlisberger played the first half right. They're capable of beating the browns right now because the browns aren't very good right now what if they lose those games and fall to one in six what's Jimmy Haslem going to do with the expectations -tations through the roof of them. He already got one coach. That's still on the pay. Roll can still play a huge. I I know you have another guy on the payroll. Just bring somebody else hears Freddie's problem after the game. He's adopted this new. Oh poor pitiful pitiful me philosophy where he just says you. I'll take it all you know. Get the lay it on me. Don't blame the players blame. Oh Freddie doesn't really look like a football coach. Does he looks more like an offensive line coach so he he doesn't look like the head coach doesn't look like he's in charge and after the Games he's kind of admitting yes screwed that one up and I screwed that go ahead just say well. If you invite the media to run through that door trust me they're going to run through it and trample on you because he is now the easiest target in the national football league. You WANNA blame Baker. Can you not really do you want to blame Odell. No not really how Jarvis no hell out him yes. Yes you know who I want to be right now. I build Danny Jones. That'd be real petty. Okay believe anything you say I'm just saying I can't believe that guy number one he could do that. I don't think he's built. He's built wake ain't skill but you know what I think. Cleveland's defense is really good remember that they had four subs playing in the defensive backfield last night. All four starters were out in hung in and did that I mean I guess why they did it to me. Jared Goff's overrated scale. He's overweight did everything he could. CLEVELAND WON'T DARWIN THIS GAME. How many times do you go on the road and turn it over three times and win the football game you tell me it was three to one and turnovers with l. A. Three to Braley won the Dow many times. Do you get away with them. That's the recipe you want. The best recipe the loser role game yeah. Turn it over thank you. They did that and they still won. One hundred ten million guaranteed right Jared Goff my money yup lots of money so back to quarterback. I love Baker Mayfield old. I'm sorry I got to tell the truth is having a hard time. He's starting to lose a little bit of nerve because he Bolton Fast Komo News. I gotta get out of here. I gotTA get out here. He needed to stand in especially on the goal line and just make one of those rows without looking over his shoulder. It's the Ford downplay. He bolts pockets so fast. I know the play hard off the right. I think yeah I think that's probably a dollar and that was that was ended up being a clay that end up being getting away with the thing is is that sometimes these quarterbacks they look in the bubble instead of stepping up. They look into get outside up that skill once you get outside. Guess what you're doing you telling the defense. Basically I got from the Hash to the side attitude rolling to the every once in a while. We'll talk about Lamar Jackson. You'll get away with a bail out with Obama did you. Did you know you don't make that. You'll go broke doing that. I would agree but Baker. Hey sometimes you gotta you gotTa Take

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