On This Day in History: Bud Powell Was Born


The Day was September twenty seventh nineteen twenty four URL Rudolph it off. Powell better known as Powell was born in New York City Powell was instrumental in the development of modern jazz music though he died when he was just forty one years old his accomplishments as a jazz soloist greatly contributed to the growth of bebop musical talent ran in Powell's family. His grandfather father and siblings were all musicians. His father was a stride pianist. Stride was a jazz piano style that developed developed as the popularity of ragtime was dying down stride pianist play the melody with the right hand while the left hand alternates between a single. I note and a quarter played an active or more higher. The left hand had to go greater distances on the keyboard often very quickly and improvisation. It was more important than it had previously been when Powell was a child. His father began teaching him classical music at age fifteen he dropped out of Dewitt wit Clinton High School to pursue his passion playing the piano he began playing at clubs in Coney Island and Harlem in the Mid Nineteen Forties Powell met the loneliest monk jazz pianist and composer at Minton's playhouse in Harlem and monk became a mentor to him. Powell became a regular feature at Minton's playhouse known for its role in the development of modern jazz and jam sessions with people like Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie and Kenny Clarke how also toward and record it with trumpeter Kuni Williams's orchestra he recorded with Tenor Saxophonist Dexter Gordon and he played on Charlie Parker's Savoy sessions he recorded the five volume the amazing Bud Powell in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties influenced by art tatum Charlie Parker Billie Kyle and thelonious monk how emerged as a leading figure and bebop he found a lot of success as a pianist though black audiences were not initially completely receptive to modern jazz in the nineteen forties still how how faced physical and mental struggles he spent time in a psychiatric hospital from nineteen forty seven to nineteen forty eight after getting in a fight at a Bar at a state hospital. He received electroconvulsive therapy after he was released from the hospital. He was placed in convalescent care. which was it's basically parole how return to music but he spent a lot of time from nineteen fifty one to nineteen fifty-three institutionalized after he was arrested stood on a drug charge in February of Nineteen fifty three the state of New York declared him incompetent and incapable of handling his own money Oscar Goodstein Powell's manager and owner of Berlin nightclub became his committee and began managing money? Good esteem got POW steady steady work but how was still struggling with his mental health. His relationships with his colleagues were deteriorating in the late nineteen fifties after spending more time in the hospital how moved to Paris with al-tv Edwards and he soon began playing in France and touring throughout Europe Edwards and a Fran Dan Frantz these padre looked out for POW while in Europe but he was deeply affected by his alcoholism mental illness and medication in nineteen in sixty three he contracted Berko says back in New York musicians put together a benefit concert to help him with medical expenses in nineteen sixty four or he moved back to the US he continued to play the piano and his return was celebrated though his performances did not get rave reviews so his music suffered as his health declined and he missed some of his performances on July thirty first nineteen sixty six he died died of health complications his pioneering work in bebop continued to influence later musicians like Bill Evans see so Taylor and Horace Silver Silver.

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