How Watergate Set the Stage for the Trump Impeachment Inquiry



The conversation you just heard between Richard Nixon and his former Attorney General John Mitchell in one thousand nine hundred ninety three was later used news to convict Mitchell on charges related to the Watergate cover up and to send him to prison Mitchell was one of several officials who wound up in prison after after Watergate less than there is that while trump may consider himself to be invincible thanks to that can't indict memo at the DOJ history suggests the people surrounding the president are not always safe. It was the release of these secret tapes that ultimately brought Nixon down but like trump Nixon fought to keep keep those tapes secret he did not admit to his crimes out in the open trump. Meanwhile not only admits to his crime because sometimes commits them on the White House lawn likewise China should start an investigation into the by because what happened in China is just about as bad as what it happened with with Ukraine so I would say that presidents Alinsky if it were me I would recommend that they start it into devices because nobody has any doubt that they weren't crooked. This really should come as no surprise because Donald Trump has repeatedly welcomed and even solicited foreign Kim's Hain help and he has a history of admitting his misdeeds on camera Russia if you listening I hope you're able to find the thirty thousand emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded. Mightily by our press regardless of recommendation I was going to fire. Call me knowing there was no good time to and in fact when I decided to you just do it. I said to myself. I said you know this rusher. Thing with trump and Russia is a made up story. You Might WanNA listen. I don't there's nothing wrong was listening. If somebody called from a country Norway we have information on your Oh. I think I'd want to hear you're like Nixon. Trump has managed to induce lots and lots of government officials from his vice president to the secretary of state diverse White House officials and diplomats to his is George Mitchell Attorney General William Bar to join in trump has already landed people in prison those who committed crimes to please or to help trump along with many others who were indicted and Robert Muller's Russia probe so the question for trump's people the people ladies corrupted as part of his own immensely corrupt government. Is that a dirty they willing going to get an are they risking sharing the fate of people like Mitchell in Flint and Michael Cohen Paul Manafort join now's Elizabeth Holtzman author of the case for impeaching in trump former assistant watergate special prosecutor Jill wine banks. MSNBC legal analyst my widely MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR BARBARA mcquade and Korean jean-pierre appear chief public affairs officer at move on Dot Org. Thank you all for being here. I'M GONNA go right down the middle of my interesting here and go right to Joe Wide Banks because let let me play you. This is congressman. This is actually a Republican congressman back in nineteen seventy three actually calling Nixon's impeachment take a listen to this after having read and reread and sifted and tested this massive information which came before us. I've come to the conclusion that Richard M Nixon Nixon has beyond a reasonable doubt committed impeachable offenses which in my judgment are of such sufficient magnitude egg the Tude that he should be removed from office. That's his name is representative Lawrence Hogan and I believe he is the father of the current governor of Maryland Larry Hogan. If I'm not wrong long so it is possible when people see the evidence they come to the conclusion that the president is committed high crimes and misdemeanors. That's high crimes and misdemeanors but what I want to ask you about jail is the people around Richard Nixon because not not a few of them went to prison. Can you just remind folks who around Nixon wound up not impeachment truck but on the going to jail truck well it was a big group of people who went to jail. It was his White House counsel John Dean who also cooperated with US and was I'm waiting for the John Dean of this scandal to come forward and it may already be the whistle blower it could be Mister Taylor from the State Department in addition his Attorney General John Mitchell went to jail his chief of staff went to jail Mr Haldeman even his chief domestic adviser. Mr Ehrlichman went to jail. There were a big cast of characters that went to jail because they committed crimes James and they did it because he set a tone that it was all okay I m above the law and whatever I do cannot be criminal. We have clear evidence that Donald Trump abetted by William bar is in exactly the same position of I'm invincible. I can do anything he has publicly stated dated that I have total authority to do whatever I want and that was the auditioned memo that attorney general by wrote to get the job so we're in really a the big fix here because the government has become completely lawless and they must be held accountable that is essential and I believe like Acre Representative Hogan that facts matter and I believe that even the most loyal Republicans who are now standing silent they may not be coming out for impeachment different but they aren't defending this terrible threat to national security in fact to world security because by not giving the equipment that was necessary to protect checked Ukraine. They are leaving Ukraine vulnerable to Russian further incursions and that's a terrible thing I mean even Mitt Romney Mitt Romney who who Korean I will remind folks. He did that humiliating auditions where he sat for dinner with Donald Trump to try to become secretary state the irony being had had he actually gotten the job. The likelihood is that Mitt Romney wouldn't have done what might pump pay does it wouldn't have been willing to go around selling these crazy conspiracy theories to prove approve Russia innocent and wouldn't have been willing to ignore subpoenas e but he'd be much more likely to do the right thing. This is what he wrote on twitter. He said when the only American citizen trump single singles out for China's investigations political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process it's strains credulity to suggest it is anything politically motivated so at least there is the chance that there are awesome other Lawrence Hogan's. Maybe yeah I think that's right. I think Republicans a Senate Republicans in particular because we know that lawns who the Republicans who support Donald Trump up in the house. They're all like diehards. They're the ones who out out there. It's the Senate Republicans that we really kind of have to key in on and they've been pretty quiet right. They've been hiding except for four Ben Sasse and as you mentioned Mitt Romney and I think that's probably why Mitt Romney didn't become secretary of state. Donald Trump knew that because what does Donald Trump want right. He wants loyalty which is why he's getting from Pompeo you know where he's getting from pants and it's a one way street with Donald Trump. He will throw all them under the bus as he tried to pence for doing that. Press press press reading where he was just kind of like you should go look at pences phone Oh yeah and threw him under the bus so this is where we are and we're pumpkins have to really think about this. They have to think. Are they really going to really grab onto this wagon this unstable wagon that trump has having now who is a one you know kind of doing this this this this kind of war room on his his own hell bent on doing it and it's a twitter deck and it's really that's it and watching Cable News TV and this is where we are right now. Republicans really have to step up here and the other thing too is. We don't know how this is going to end up. We've never been in this place before impeachment on national security so we we just this is unchartered territory. Yeah absolutely and Barbara WanNA come back because you're so between what green is it which wine banks has said there are a number of people who are allowing themselves to be corrupted along with Donald Trump and the Nixon example is that Nixon didn't go to prison but a whole lot of people around him who you just heard Jill wine banks mentioned went to prison because people willing to commit the crime for him. There are willing to help him to do what he wanted done and once you've done it he may not have liability under that. Doj Memo but you might and I wonder if when you look at the fact that the Attorney General of the United States is flying around the world attempting to prove this conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine Russia that it attack our election when you have the State Department the head of the state our Secretary of State participating on the call lying to the American people about being on the call in which Donald Trump is pressuring a foreign government to help him with an election in which he's committing a crime for which apparently he can't be prosecuted right now where you have senior White House officials hiding hiding the evidence of transcript of Donald Trump's calls in a place that they're not supposed to be in a high security server when you have foreign diplomats pressuring Ukraine essentially trying to strong arm them to help Donald Trump with this conspiracy theory investigations in exchange for aid by could go on and on and on the number of people who are participating participating do any of those people Barbara face potential legal liability. Can any of these people pretend as the vice president and the secretary of state are pretending they don't have to listen to subpoenas but they like trump are above the law no joy any one of these people could be charged with a crime as we saw as Jill explained in the Watergate scandal. You know whenever you've got a public corruption investigation even at the just the garden variety the kind of cases that I was involved evolved with when you approach people you often tell them look you can be a witness or you're going to be a defendant in this case. The choice is yours and already I think we're seeing people people making that. Calculus Kurt Volker resigning abruptly last Friday and agreeing to come testify in bring those text messages which are incredibly Lee Damning. I have seen cases charged on far less where they are talking about the scheme and the scandal. I think Gordon Sunlen has extreme exposure exposure based on what is said in those I think Bill Taylor is someone at the State Department who looks like somebody who wanted to do the right thing.

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