Man arrested for allegedly shooting bride and bishop during wedding


I man jump from the balcony of a church in Pelham New Hampshire yesterday morning to stop an active shooter at the New England Pentecostal church the shooter identified as thirty seven year old Dale Holloway wounded to people before he was tackled by several wedding guests Denise archer is the daughter in law of all female archer the deacon who jumped from the balcony everybody started to run when they heard the shots and when the shot started and then he said I need to get out of here but then he he stopped and said now I can't leave and he went back in and not to tackle the guy there was a wedding taking place at the time the church bishop seventy five year old Stanley Choate who was officiating and the bride sixty year old clear macmall and were both wounded Choate remains hospitalized in Boston this morning in serious condition complicating the story of funeral was scheduled to take place following the wedding for sixty year old Reverend Luis Garcia who was killed in Londonderry New Hampshire on October first he was allegedly killed by a young man he was trying to help twenty four year old Brandon because deadly owned at the wedding because Stickley owns father mark who was the groom he suffered a minor injury the globe reports that the suspect Dale Holloway is named as the step son of the Reverend Garcia in Garcia's obituary Holloway is under arrest facing charges in the shooting he's expected to appear in court Tuesday police say this was not a random event Sunday services at the New England Pentecostal church have been canceled for today crisis counselors will be available today at the Sherman hall community center in Pelham from twelve noon to five

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