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Wild turkeys terrorizing New Jersey neighborhood

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News
5 months ago

New Jersey, Gary Black And Florida discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News

WTOP 24 Hour News
2 d ago
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Call this the invasion of the wild turkeys in Toms River New Jersey wraps they're taking the name literally as Tom's their flocks flood the area the residents of the ones of the ruffled feathers that was a bird's turn the tables on humans in advance of the holidays official saying there's just about little they can do is they're not license a trapper relocate the wildlife police complaining that packs of twenty five or more blocked roads and in some cases doorways until you feed them free agent MLB infielder Toms River resident Todd Frazier subset once the jerseys governor do something about the problem as well meantime Richard Barbosa with Tom's river animal control says bird feeders are a Turkey magnet they love the bird seed so the birds he falls on the ground even if it's in a bird feeder the squirrels get to it they knock on the ground they advise residents put away those bird feeders make loud noises to scare the birds