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Year old. Helen young rolled her wheelchair aimlessly. Listen around her room at the caressing care nursing home. It was a hot summer day in two thousand thirteen and she was bored. Helen was a world war. Two Royal Air Force veteran and a tough woman. She hated having nothing to do. Mischievously she began to yell helped me nurse nurse helped me. Elizabeth a rotund nurse with small glasses appeared at her door with a sigh. She asked what do you need help with. Helen stared at her a moment before snapping. Nothing go away and snickering to herself. Elizabeth's muscles tense it. Does she stormed out in the hallway. She leaned against the wall shaking with fury. She took a few deep breaths in and out in and out then she straightened suddenly full of purpose. She hurried down the hallway a few minutes later. Elizabeth Ebeth returned to Helen's room this time with a needle in her hand a few hours later loud moans brought hospital staff rushing shing to Helen's room. She was convulsing face. Bright Red and limbs bent inward Elizabeth loomed nearby as the other staff tried to help. I hope Helen's spotted Elizabeth in the crowd. She tried to speak but her words were slurred early. The next morning. Helen when young died the killer nurse of Canada had claimed another victim Hi I'm Greg Poulsen. This is serial real killers a podcast original every Monday. We dive into the minds of madness of serial killers today. Were finishing the story of Elizabeth. Wet Law her her between two thousand seven and two thousand sixteen Elizabeth wetl offer murdered eight elderly residents in the long term care nursing home where she worked as a night nurse. I making her one of the most prolific killers and Canadian history. I'm here with my co host Vanessa. Richardson Pie everyone. You can find. Episodes is of serial killers and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Or wherever. You listen to podcasts to stream serial killers for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type serial killers in the search bar at podcast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do it. We love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever wherever you're listening. It really does help last week we explored how Elizabeth's Baptist upbringing led her to repress sexuality after a decade of marriage she could hide her identity no longer and her husband asked for divorce following their split in two thousand six. Elizabeth took her anger out on several of her elderly early patients. Murdering two men and assaulting two women by overdosing them with insulin this week Elizabeth's horrifying killing expre- continues as she delivers what she believed was God's judgment to victim after victim also in two thousand eight forty one year old. Elizabeth Wet Laufer was grappling with intense feelings of insecurity the and stress in her hometown of Woodstock Canada. Though she'd gotten pleasure out of killing two elderly men the previous year. She knew what she was doing was wrong. After her second murder she tried to direct her urges by singling out. Those who were no longer happy being alive she felt this was the only way to deal with the terrifying red surge of anchor. She experienced winter. Anxiety became overwhelming so when dementia patient Wayne Lean hedges claim to her that he wanted to die. Elizabeth gave him a heavy dose of insulin. However other staff members noticed that fifty seven year old Wayne gene had low blood sugar? They treated him for hypoglycemia and he was able to pull through but it wouldn't be Elizabeth's last attempt on a patient's life she targeted her next victim. Sixty three year old patient. Michael Priddle either in two thousand eight or two thousand nine varying sources versus have differing dates. Michael had Huntington's disease a fatal condition. Where nerve cells in the brain break down over time he was wheelchair bound and was admitted to Elizabeth's place of work caressing care because he had trouble swallowing he needed constant supervision during one shift? Elizabeth observed Michael With pity he was a tragic figure. A man who still had his mind but was robbed of his bodily functions. She felt it was an awful way to live. I've she closed her eyes and felt the Red Serge Pass through her. God wanted her to save this man. Elizabeth Fetched Insulin Needle and hurried to his room. She injected him with ninety units of insulin which he considered to be a very large amount despite Michael's delicate condition. And what should have been a lethal dose of insulin. He miraculously survived the night. Though it's unclear how Michael reacted to the dose. Elizabeth was adamant that other staff members didn't notice. Michael was having hypoglycemic symptoms. It wasn't medical intervention. That saved him and Elizabeth started to worry. It had been divine intervention throughout the following day. She was rattled. She thought the Red Serge had told her to kill Michael and Wayne and yet both had survived. She wondered if she'd gotten it wrong. Maybe their recoveries meant that God hadn't intended for them to die after all. Her uncertainty led her vow not to kill again instead. She searched for other ways to stay preoccupied if she was distracted elected enough. Perhaps she wouldn't act on her sinister impulses. Elizabeth turned to binge drinking and drug use which had helped her cope in the past. Vanessa is going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks Greg shortly before her divorce. Elizabeth had gone to see a therapist and was diagnosed with borderline personality the disorder or bpd. While she was on medication the disorder could have influenced some of her actions. According to Dr Crystalline saulters had had no a person with. BP's more likely to turn to self harming behaviors like drinking or binge eating as a way to cope with feelings of inadequacy Elizabeth's own bpd and poor self image likely drove her to abused drugs and alcohol. Elizabeth also tried to cope with their feelings by searching for love online in late. Two Thousand Nine Elizabeth connected with Sheila Andrews after trading messages and chatting online for a few you months Sheila invited Elizabeth to come and visit her and Prince Albert Canada about a four hour flight. North west of Woodstock Elizabeth was thrilled drilled. She dressed up in high heels put on vivid Red Lipstick and boarded a plane upon her arrival. Elizabeth threw herself off into Sheila's arms loudly proclaiming. That they were going to be together and that she'd already told everyone at work how much she loved. Sheila Sheila was thrown despite their intimate messages. They were only just meeting for the first time. Elizabeth was moving way too fast. Elizabeth's hastiness indicated a deep desperation for affection. According to Philip chartered a therapist and social worker. Some people cling to partners org potential partners when they have a fear of being cast aside though Sheila and Elizabeth hadn't met in person they're online connection lead Elizabeth to to believe they had a more serious relationship than they did. It's possible she was overcompensating. During their initial meeting out of fear it would all go away. A charred mentions that this fear often comes from rejection by a parent or love interest during adolescence. This is certainly likely. In Elizabeth's case Ace. As her sexuality was rejected by both her parents and her church she may have been craving away. To regain her self esteem and hoped fulfillment fulfillment in other areas of her life would quell her desire to kill despite Elizabeth's rocky first impression. Sheila decided to see how the week gwent before jumping to conclusions but after only a few days she realized there was definitely something off about Elizabeth. Sheila said Elizabeth reacted petulantly. Definitely when she didn't get what she wanted and was two desperate to start a relationship so Sheila tells her it wasn't going to work out after the stinging rejection rejection. Elizabeth returned home to Woodstock and searched even harder for someone to connect with. She finally found a companion onion. In an eighteen year old nurse's aide who started at crescent care in two thousand nine forty two year old Elizabeth Mike The aid and took her out to dinner mentoring entering her as she adjusted to her new job though. It's unconfirmed Elizabeth has also insinuated. The two of them eventually started dating regardless of their specific specific relationship. They certainly became close enough. That Elizabeth saw the young aid as someone she could trust during one conversation. Elizabeth even been told the young nurse about her crimes. According to the book lethal injections the aid wanted to alert the police immediately however Elizabeth with assured her she'd deny everything there was no proof. These crimes occurred and Elizabeth convinced. The nurse's aid that the police would likely believe believe Elizabeth over her. Elizabeth also told the Young Woman that she didn't need to be turned in as God had forgiven her for the crimes. It's it's unclear what the nurse did with this information. But there's no record of a report being filed so it appears. She kept her mouth shut as a young young impressionable woman at the start of her career. The severity of the situation might have been overwhelming. Elizabeth dodged a bullet by successfully silencing. Think the nurse but after a year of restraint and a few failed attempts at regaining. Some confidence through intimacy. She was once again weighed down by anxiety

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