Michael Bloomberg qualifies for Democratic primary ballot in Alabama


Well folks if you thought. The Democratic primary field wasn't crowded enough billionaire businessman. Michael Bloomberg is on the case at. They're saying in March that he wouldn't run for president. The former New York York City mayor is apparently backtracking and preparing a run for twenty twenty bid according to a spokesman Bloomberg is expected to file the necessary paperwork to get on the Democratic primary ballot in in Alabama by the Friday deadline. Kate is not able to join us but we do have John Avalon with us by phone. John what's your first thought Ari. Well we're both New Yorkers. We know that Mike Bloomberg is flirted with running with the presidency. Probably a half dozen times over the past decade. This had been rumored There was a sense that he was dissatisfied with his decision. Not to get in. He saw Tom Star. Get on the ballot. Make the debate stage and I think it dovetails tails with something that you and I have discussed Kate. which is there may be a slot open for the Biden backup Centrist candidate who can win a general If Biden were to say there has been no major catastrophic flame out for Biden but other centrist candidates have really failed to rise. And so you see that top tier You know looking like Biden Warren Zander's And so a lot of national DEMOCRATS HAVE BEEN CONCERNED WAR Warren Sanders could lose to donald trump and Buddha judges just an unknown quantity. This is really Bloomberg leaving an option open By making sure he's on the ballot in the first State Alabama. This is not an officially getting in yet. It's keeping options open. And he's got fifty billion dollars to do that with so you shouldn't count them out no matter what your politics yeah. I think that's right. You know he hasn't gotten the race yet. He's merely just filing again in Alabama. Obviously the New Hampshire. I'm sure that lines coming up soon. And that I think will be a truer test right eventually. You either have to you know what or get off the pot and right now he's on that pot But we'll see whether or not he actually stays on it or gets off but I look I. I think there's a real question. I have John which is how much of this Bloomberg thing. And obviously there's there's been a media spike of interest with this. How much of this is merely the New York City media knowing Michael Bloomberg? He was the mayor here obviously for over a decade. How much is this? Just him being being in the back yard and therefore thinking highly of him versus sort of what the actual polls in the data says. I we know that. The Democratic Party is evenly evenly SPLIT BETWEEN MODERATES FLASH CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS LUSH very liberal Michael Bloomberg Certainly the centrist record in the context of New York City politics But the left's anger it even the notion he might get in a little odd given the fact that he's been the biggest funder for a lot of liberal causes particularly gun reform and climate change. I think the big question is Joe Biden who obviously occupies the lane. He would run in Has It demonstrated ability today to win over African Americans and working class voters. Mike Bloomberg's ability to do that is untested unknown and probably probably shouldn't be assumed to be an easy path. He is a billionaire from New York City then again so is Donald Trump and he successfully run as a conservative populist but the sheer volume of money if Mike Bloomberg gets in he and his team say they're going to spend a billion To to to be competitive in a primary in anything anything beyond that in a general so I don't think you can you can count them out And for those centrist and moderate and conservative Democrats. He'd be an appealing candidate. Can You bring the other broader coalition totally unknown. It's going to be a question of him. His record symptomless charismatic. You know ground Game politician amount of money can achieve almost anything

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