YouTube isnt fun for parents trying to shield their kids from scary stuff


The kids youtube is fun except when it's not especially for parents trying to shield their young ones is from the scary stuff advertising purposes there is a lot of appropriate content on youtube four kids and there's a whole lot that really absolutely is not appropriate the existing brands as opposed to only alternatives. Joe Murphy is editor in Chief of common sense media she says it used to be that up until the age of and now for some related links Youtube one hundred seventy million dollars settlement slash for anyone but kids are Wiley and they will find ways to watch Jill Murphy is editor in chief of common sense media she says I think one aspect of it is isn't algorithm really the best way for us to generate recommendations content to a young impressionable audience can you and I feel like a hypocrite because I have the same battles in my house every day my kids are always asking to watch there are alternatives for you too we have an entire list eight kids were pretty shielded because they need their parents to type in searches now with voice control the age range is shifting younger would expect and it becomes quite a rabbit hole I think it's like there's no FCC equivalent for Youtube right for a long time now a lot of major alienated off of these platforms they wanna be in where it's cool to be and so I think that is why the conversation needs to continue to to be around the players in this space have just kind of held their hands up with Lake will just a platform we just provide a space for others to provide content creamed breakfasts not everyone's of the mindset and then there's the recent one hundred seventy million dollar settlement youtube made for tracking and targeting kids for a whole lot of families are struggling with this easily youtube has become the number one pain point among parents kind of the eight to twelve th space it's not just they're not even like mentally and emotionally and cognitively ready to make those decisions to turn something off to walk away to not be now that's true ish but then there are other offshoots of Youtube where you could pay and create a subscription and they returned to do originals themselves Dr Site the challenges because phones are cool and Youtube is cool and Netflix is cool and kids do not want to be skewed by the messages it feels like unfair fight so what is the parents supposed to do then I know what is supposed to do I am a platform it's not just the way that it plays content but it's actually become tempted plays this idea that there's lots of cool stuff on there your kids gravitate towards that we all love it. I mean there's tons of course often turn to handle youtube in your family it's not an easy conversation you kind of have to feel the personnel because like co sleeping in is only not we could do a little bit better than that and so- feeding algorithm on auto play it just feels unfair really I mean it it puts them in a place I'm a parent and my discussions with other parents supposed to be doing a lot of that. The company had promised to disabled comments on videos featuring minors after it was widely learned that predators were using comments sections to be Jed Kim and that's marketplace tech this is a PM this marketplace podcast retirement Ryan's family says they abide by all laws and regulations you can read about it on our website at marketplace tech dot org nine men's it'll do a better job of policing content aimed at kids rights they company promises it'll disabled comments and personalized ads on all videos aimed at key kids see net says the company will also use machine learning to make sure video feed stay appropriate the thing is the article points out youtube was already that you can find on Youtube but what get served up in the algorithm what get served up through related videos is not necessarily what your rickie even if it's kids making the content buzzfeed says Super Popular Youtube Channel Ryan's for review maybe in hot water for the way it features more than thirty billion total US and lots of endorsement deals but a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission says the channel weaves sponsored product into stuff what began as a toy in boxing channel for now seven year old Ryan has grown into a veritable empire with more than twenty one million subscribers super creepy but see nuts found youtube is still struggling to lockdown commenting on videos featuring minors advertising to kids is it's product tours. NPS surveys all sorts of things that amplify your team and help you reach more nice people in our comm- customer unity got forty five percent loyal users with Intercom in just twelve months go to intercom dot com slash podcast to start making money from real time chat then see everything else intercom can do that's inter-

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