UAW Strike Against General Motors Enters Its 4th Week


This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by almost fifty thousand General Motors Workers Begin this week still on strike it is the auto industry's longest strike in decades and the union the UAW says talks with management over the weekend left the union further from a resolution. Michigan Radio's Dustin Dwyer is covering the story from Grand Rapids Michigan Hey there dustin temporary workers this is essentially tempts who are being hired in a way that they're actually permanent workers but they're just not paid the same and not protected the same way as as a full-time bills for many of them they're in a tight spot financially but most people I've talked to are still very committed to the strike say that this is something that needed to happen good morning what went wrong over the weekend well the information we're getting as you said comes from the UAW specifically comes from UAW vice president Terry did for GM basically didn't respond at all it just reiterated its previous offer and didn't address anything that the UAW had brought up so they seem to be at a stalemate it seems US said this time that in fact they had taken a step back and the Union could not be more disappointed in GM and what he explained happened was that there was an offer on the table scene and heard when you go out and talk to workers well workers are now being forced to live off of two hundred fifty dollars a week in strike pay that is not enough to cover many of their would make and temporary workers can basically fired at any time they don't have long term protections and so what the rank and file members that have that have more permanent status have higher wage than contempt for two years or more and that's really what the rank and file members are fighting again and said listen we just need the flexibility yeah the auto industry is changing everyone it's like things are not going well right now okay so we have the unions version maybe a little bit less from GM side but in any case no doubt that they don't have a deal and people are still on strike so what have you they say they want protections for temporary workers and they're willing to hold out at least for now And so that's what I'm hearing on the line I WANNA make sure that I understand this argument about that Zayn you know the strike is dragged on for three weeks going on the fourth week now and this was one of the first signs that there had been progress but by Sunday had completely changed and Terry does the things are changing and they just WanNa be flexible so that they can change as well dustin thanks very much for the update really appreciate it thank you Steve That's Dustin Dwyer of Michigan

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