Prejuvenation: What Your Need to Do Now to Postpone Aging

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I love Dr The absolute best to end the. It's funny I want to say that Ronald a couple of weeks past Halloween. However I remembered last night I was walking around In the subways and I saw this guy coming up and he looked like he just had halo laser and I saw his son combined him and they just had some. I don't know if there were demons Vince with their faces. Were just read. You know how you and I are always like we. If you're GONNA do the laser dude on the Thursday. What what you really want to do? Is You want to do it on October. Twenty Eighth I'm I'm not kidding because when it's bad in today's I'm telling you Ryan I'm signing up the Tober twenty eighth you will have the red peeling nonsense but people will just think it's part of your look shore. Oh My goodness Aka a Europe rejuvenation. You're all well for the holiday on. Hey everyone I'm amber and I'm Ryan and this is art beauty the real truth doc about the fake Shit So for a while. When I saw this on the calendar I just I just saw prove nation but a regionals it is like vaginal to rejuvenate? I don't why I forgot the conversation before I went there and I was like. Oh my God that's really cool The what's totally Pleasantly surprised what a fun conversation That it wasn't about the vagina it was now. How do you listen it? It's something for everyone. Turn them back well. Well and that's it. It's how to turn back the hands not turn slowdown. It's how to slow slow down right because we can't stop aging. It's going to happen. No matter what that said. We can certainly postpone Not only really sort of how we look but then the need for more intense procedures like facelift. So there really truly we discuss has something for everyone. So if you're in your twenties thirties forties or fifties. This is like the perfect episode for you lose. Everyone includes I. Don't care who you are what you are where you are this one's for you The one thing we did not discuss which I'm GonNa just segue into myself my sheltie not myself but it's myself too so moving right along I think in my profession another thing that really truly helps slowdown. It's fuller hair as get as we age. Twenty third I lost my her twenties. It sucked and at the end of the day. The Fuller Your Hera no matter what length whether it short medium long it's just lashing its youthful looking. Yep so I'm going to transition now I've been honest and open. I've had I've worked with a couple doctors and I've had a couple you know I've used really expensive stuff as that. Has You know I kind of Segue out of my agreement to try other things. And I didn't want to set myself up for like the three hundred dollar bill every month and I joined and I'm not getting paid hymns and I just thought the Saddam you send it to Tom. It's smells so good. It's good shampoo. Yeah can you the hold it up like even yeah Hymns Yep him shampoo which kind of deactivates the The D. H. T.. In what causes his baldness in an hair loss They also have a phenomenal minoxidil. Which is topical and not from a lot of people are allergic to the foam so so when you see like the The Foam. CVS doesn't work for a lot of people this is just the topical solution which has less quote unquote. It's it's just better for more When there is a gummy situation which is by sandwich? Guys don't always take by then then. There is a gummy bear for. It's just through. Yeah my shelf today is is is wrapping the boys and thicker occur fuller. Hair a your best hair. The possibly have at a very affordable subscription and it. It's I love it it's Keanu. Would it cross you every month. I believe it's like forty nine ninety five for our per product or for all all in Milan and you know a lot of people. There's a a couple different There's a couple of packages a couple of different options. You can actually also add in some erectile dysfunction bills you can add in They have a lot a lot of options. If you have other needs that you want to scream Lee shipped to your door so I I also want to say this because I've seen in New York. I always see now the ads and actually been watching a lot of football. So there's a lot of their running. Hymns is running big promotions right now but if you if you google will it right now I feel like on the subway. Can't remember what the code is. There are discounts off your first order so just Google and I'm sure we can find a coupon code for that. Yeah in ladies for for the men in your life it's a very very easy Add on to the shower. It doesn't like it doesn't take a lot of space he's GonNa go. Oh what's that improbably use is it. It smells great. That just the shampoo alone without the conditioner. My hair is super thick super fall super lush I'm all in. I really like like it. And it's super affordable. Love it Okay we my shelf so going pony and A couple of weeks ago. We've been talking about this. Halloween had a party. My girlfriend when as Arianna Guerande so good ponytail had the huge Vivica a a Fox hare pony extensions and she asked. We were having her makeup done. She has to make up artists. Like how do I keep my ponytail up. All my and the makeup artist said you girl. You stick Bobby Pinson until your head hurts not wrong but when I was doing my point today I remembered. And I've had these forever it's speak goody Coil Coil. Wire Bobby pens and I mean they just you can just screw them right in and and that hold and you really only need one you can do to I think I looked them up on targets. If I can show you super cheap. They're here here they are see can see And let's see it's goody and five bucks for three of them nice mean roundup to sex but who cares at the end of the day like I said they're awesome for like half pat downs. Ben Yep they're great for half up down French twist the pony that's in you just gotTa try it entrust because you can't really describe the security it gives you Yeah it's refreshing. That's not going anywhere. The cheapest face left alive ponytail right. Just pull everything up So our guest today. We've had her on before Dr Robin Game. Rick is she is so smart when it comes to beauty she. He was an educator for almost twenty years at Columbia And now is a practicing. Should board certified dermatologists but she's now practicing at at Union Square laser dermatology right here in New York City and we really wanted to get into this concept of prove

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