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Turn now to today's top story you'd be fooled into thinking that you k. was in full campaigning mode by this weekend papers depending spending which paper you picked up the Conservative Party was going to promise you the moon or destroy civilization labor either had the beginnings of a pasta victory or already dead and unburied and Nigel farage from the Brexit party isn't going to stand for parliament but he's not going to go away so Vince macaroni. UK correspondent for your news joins me in the studio here to make sense of a rather messy weekend welcome back to the Vincent the the thing that everybody's talking about this weekend is that despite the fact that it is brexit has brought brought us to this general election in the United Kingdom everybody is determined not to be an election about brexit overseas are trying to shift the focus back onto domestic guess used as the feeling in the country too much of the national broadband has been taken up the bandwidth being taken up five brexit for years and years is now and they want to hear the party's plans for other services they want to hear about education any chest police because there is a feeling that after ten years of parity these services are very much at the point of collapse and so I think my understanding is Labor will try very much to in the next two days to get the brexit part of the election done do do that big speech and then try to move on from that and talk about other issues the Denver through interesting of surprise that they actually put brexit in their in their main party slogan last week they are very much thinking that if they hone in on the Brexit message that that could be there rock wall like it was in the two thousands that got them under Charles Kennedy and Nick Clegg up two numbers kind of approaching sixty and if they have a very clear simple message and they will to other policies but if they are the anti brexit party that will give them a huge boost in numbers and along with the SNP it could be those two parties that decide the course of what happens at the end of this election indeed the political world at the moment is shifting to the point where we have how many people now who have left their respective parties to join the Liberal Democrats in order to buy into this this anti brexit ticket we've seen an awful lot of people who would say with Bush sort of Brexit moderates have moved over quite a few figures moved over this weekend as well didn't they yes we had more switches happening but also the big thing as well to watch as the number of resignations that's taking cases is pretty extraordinary you're seeing kind of root out of women in parliament something that Theresa may too low touched to help get in but you're saying on the conservative side of moderate women like Nicky Morgan who currently sits in cabinet it is going Margaret James was a successful businesswoman also algae bt woman she says that the abuse and talk nature parliament's got too much she is going You need likes Angora Justine greening you're seeing real kind of carve out long Ken Clarke as well of the kind of the the Severo file centrist camera night position in the party just suddenly being kind of removing themselves from it one of the key voices in that was dominic grieve is a former attorney general here in the United Kingdom them kicked out of the Conservative Party voting against Boris Johnson a now making a very strong point which suddenly places a British election or other international personal life is called for the publication of a report on Russian meddling in the democratic process in the UK to be published before the general election. Boris Johnson has said no it Trumpian echoes it it does embarrassed I mean the the problem is you know report tells you what went wrong it doesn't help you set up the procedures you need to change and protect for tech something for future so whilst it would be handy to know I mean I think all of the parties will be taking you know improve security measures to make sure that they're not oh getting hacked as we've seen other elections being where you know the DNC and the US was hacked but yeah there is a question mark about social media we know that twitter has decided it won't Muskrats I mean that wasn't a massive issue here I think in in the UK you know the numbers on twitter actually quite small when you step outside of Westminster bubble it's not it's not the whole population but yeah we all uh-huh very curious to see what it is that is happening on facebook because the problem is that you or I are not seeing the APPS that certain people James and Scunthorpe and Tom in Wales and and Julie Danas brightness saying because of this micro targeting that is going on in that still hasn't been cleared up it would be interesting to know especially with the kind of talk now the pressure being put on facebook iceberg and other countries in Europe having blocks facebook from running class I think Arlen and France with the two in recent elections that have blocked whether the UK should've said until this this problem is cleared up we do this but at the moment all the polls looking so tight and I think all the parties will be worried by the poll numbers at the weekend especially going towards possibly hung parliaments parliament's that they're all keeping mum on their social media activties thing that was raised this weekend was the the Joe Promise it Boris Johnson in had given been given the gave rather diner dej then stay in the European Union post the thirty first of all I'm currently unite currently sitting in London were still part of the European Union check my calendar country disappointed around the country expressing the defections Liberal Democrats there was he gave even into yesterday for the first guy and the interviewer asked him if he was if he would apologize for effectively breaking a fundamental promises miss that he had repeated and repeated and repeated and this is what he said this study I do I do and I'm deeply deeply deeply disappointed and I had to consider sorry yes absolutely right then do we consider that to be an apology or is this is someone who's sort of off off record half acknowledging the problem I think as far as half ignoring the problem and I think this might come into the four of this election Boris Johnson have a line for decades that his personal life private life is personal and he's not going to discuss it and he's not someone who stands on election and preaches family values I use but when it comes to this issue of trust and the scrutiny of someone's personal life that is fair game in a general election when you're trying to become the Alito country his election the Tories was only around one hundred forty thousand in the end his electric this time is millions and millions of people and they have a right to know the character the person that is leading country I think Boris Johnson is going to struggle struggled in that interview particularly the sort of talk to sort of he had to four times say he wasn't he was asked four times about ruling out to this Scottish referendum for independence and he wouldn't do that because he knows he might have packed with the SNP and then later on clarified obsessions Shinzo did rule out because the interview was very it was very boris trying to office gate trying to dither and trying to get away from things I think he's going to face in the coming weeks some pretty harsh questions about his almosty his relationship with truth the people that he has misled recently a court found her majesty the Queen and the way that he's conducted his personal life we're in different world though now and not many people actually care about such things it would in the old days have hats it's on quickly booted out of number ten you say that then of support for Johnson but I'm not I'm not saying that the conduct itself is what will turn people off I think it is putting a question mark above his head that he may not be someone to trust and the way he is treated family and friends uh-huh means that believing what he's saying is very hard and when he's giving interviews like that one yesterday to say for Ridge on sky in which he seems very evasive I don't think about will help is 'cause neither will Nigel farage who the leader of the brexit party and someone who keeps appearing on television screens an awful lot despite the fact that he isn't actually a member of parliament is and nor does he intend to be an an MP this timer I mean first of all a very curious decision he'd he'd obviously looked at the polling and brexit party had dipped down over the weekend in the polls he's someone who's previously run for parliament seven times and been rejected five elections to buy collections and being an MVP There is a lot less scrutiny than being an MP but an MBA in this country means that you have to declare your finances you you had to declare your interest you will say are accountable to constituents I mean I I for one cannot envision Nigel farage running Friday constituency surgeries and trying to help other people people have problems Nigel Farraj is probably a broadcaster these days first and foremost as well as a kind of media figure and I think it's very interesting how can you I'm I'm an send the latest say they're going to release their sort of six hundred fifty candidates they're gonNA run up and down the country they have given Boris Johnson is two weeks window to drop his deal and then they could form an alliance Donald Donald Trump is once again over the weekend probably frogs etchings toll bars you know do deal with this Guy Nigel but for Nigel how can you say that you're launching a national national domestic policy and not want to be the leader of it in the House of Commons how can you how can you be doing that how come the public you you seriously as a political force when you yourself are doing it and I think they did sweep the MVP elections earlier in the year I went to one of their events in the candidates some optic strong one referring to Africa as a country rather than the continent on stage not being corrected not correcting herself and I think the scrutiny that comes by being an MP is far more the running for an Emmy Pena's country and the caliber of the candidates might not be as strong they might not be as well vetted and I think think that some of them will be sort of par local hustings did some macaroni from urine you thank you very much indeed for journeys monocle twenty

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