Britain's Conservative Party Conference Gets Underway in Manchester


The Conservative Party conference is getting into full swing in Manchester in more normal times. Britain's parliament would be in recess so the party could lay out its plans the these are not normal times lawmakers are back at work while much of the ruling party has elsewhere the big policy pronouncements are spilling out concerning earning new hospitals and spending on roads but the theme of the conference is get brexit done just what Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been saying so doggedly and with new scandals that emerged over the weekend that might become unbelievably. Even harder was a very strange moods at the toy party conference in Manchester. Our political correspondent Dunkin Robinson is in Manchester soaking up the atmosphere on the one hand you go boys. Johnson define minister marching around being applauded by activists S. wherever he goes and on the other hand you've got Boris Johnson the prime minister on the front page of newspapers being accused of a whole host of misdemeanors and what are they well. There's two quite serious. Allegations being made against Mr Johnson I is with regards to a high profile journalist Charlotte Edwards who alleged that Miss Johnson groped her after dinner while he was editing a magazine called spectator in nineteen ninety nine so she alleges that Mr Johnson squeezed her thigh. I under the table and she also said that. The woman who sat on the other side of Mister Johnson also had the same experience. This Johnson denies all this but we're in a different situation now where were in one thousand nine hundred nine. This is a sort of post me to scandal and it's a serious problem for the Conservative Party because the number of cabinet ministers have already had to resign for similar allegations literally for impropriety with female journalists but you said scandals in the plural what else the other scandal is to do with a woman Jennifer Curry who is a businesswoman and model who if if you've opened a newspaper this weekend allegedly had an affair with Mr Johnson now. This isn't a professional problem for Mr Johnson in Illinois of itself but the problem mm-hmm is that hub business received a number of grants and went on trades trade missions with Miss Johnson while he was mayor of London again. Mr Johnson denies he did anything wrong with that. Those no interest declare the journalists is still digging amounts on this topic and it could run in one will these these are not the talking points that Mr Johnson would would would like to be bouncing around the Tory conference. What would you like to be talking about an absolutely no this was supposed to be Johnson's sort of Kuda theater. This was his moment where he burst osteen is as prime minister laid out his vision for Britain's future and his vision for Britain's future is is basically two sets. The first step is they're going to get brexit done. That's the phase oh he's they using and the second step it involves just spraying a public services with lots of cash ahead of any election and as for Brexit. How's that going for Mr Johnson. I mean there have been some embarrassing stories about how it's gone so far yes so far that the cunning plans hatched by. Downing Street haven't quite gone to plan so they had a scheme which involves suspending Alma for five weeks which was much longer than it has been suspended suspended for any point since the second will and that fell apart when the Supreme Court struck that down as the legal and the problem with that is that Bush Jonson technically used the powers of the Queen so in effect the Prime Minister the had accidentally forced the Queen's Bake the law which is the one thing you're not supposed to do when your prime minister you're supposed to the queen out of politics and boys. Johnson had dragged actor into politics in the most embarrassing way possible so that means that reportedly this weekend he did actually give an apology to the queen which is an obvious question balancing but in an embarrassing another level because you also supposed to reveal any conversations halfway queen when you're prime minister so it's a double whammy and in the course of all that mess mister. Mr Johnson managed to sack quite a few members of his party now. There's this party conference in Manchester while who plenty of parliament is at work back in London where those sacked. MP's now all of the place some have come to Manchester some her stay away and some have joined the parties and I think it's fair to say that those who who've come are hopeful that there will be some form of future for them within the Conservative Party and the others who joined to the parties while I I think they've given up on it and so what about the ones who have gone to Westminster. What what do you expect to happen in Parliament this week in Westminster. There's going to be a strange atmosphere because this problem was supposed is to be in recess which is sort of a step up from from being suspended. There were the bits and bobs going on but they're not going to be doing votes except after all the Shenanigans involving suspending parliament frankly the rest of don't trust the current government so they refuse to give them a recess which means that parliaments is still technically sitting which means gene parliament can still be passing laws and if you'll all your MP's in Manchester while in peace one of the politics a leaves you quite vulnerable legislatives shenanigans so this seems an increasingly extraordinary set of circumstances for for Mr Johnson personally politically. I mean he's beset at every turn. Do you think that he ends and and his supporters will be able to get past. All this mess. Eight does feel like everything is going wrong. But if you speak to people Mister Johnson's camp they're extremely bullish and they have some reason to be. They all well ahead of Labour in the polls and most polls they have about a ten point lead which if is born into coming election we'll turn into a big conservative majority and that way happiness lies for them but the main advantage is the fact that Boris Johnson is preferred as the Prime Minister A to Jeremy Corbyn the Labor Party leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn is remarkably unpopular with the general public so Mister Johnson's extremely lucky in his opponent but if your main advantage is the fact that people like Johnson's Alita having Johnson surrounded by these scandals. This is certainly going to be a big big problem but the main benefit that Johnson has is that here's this strange almost donald trump ish ability too wide scandal that would kill off other politicians. I mean Mister Johnson might survive. These scandals is his party might end up with a majority but what about longer term the party itself. It couldn't possibly be more fragmented. Get the toys split on Europe as they have been full the past quarter of a century there is this hope among conservatives that once Brexit is over with that they can just focus on other things but Bert Brexit is not one of those stories that will disappear this is GonNa hang over British politics for the next ahead also so if the toys are hopeful that and they can forget brexit done that is in an endpoint posts they might be sorely mistaken

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