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Zach Galifianakis regrets asking Obama this 'Between Two Ferns' question


So Zach Galifianakis is a comedian and movie star but he may be most well known for his internet series between two ferns in it he interviews real celebrities and says really mean things to them and somehow the celebrities do not van arrange to have him killed between two ferns is now a movie it's premiering on Netflix and Zach Galifianakis joins us now said welcome to wait wait don't tell me thank you. so. I want the movie which is whole areas and hate you and has a bunch of between two ferns interviews and celebrities actually want to be on your show right they want to come and do this. I don't know I mean I don't really know why they would want to do it it's not a prank show I'm not trying to prank anyone in if I understand correctly you tell the celebrities their job is basically to sit there and just well I tell that they'll have to be funny they just have to sit there. and be weird it out yeah. and we will give them insults to give back to me but sometimes in the moment we just get talking and the insults kind of flight naturally yes I've cut an interview short the. the person and want to reveal it was that the person was acting so well I thought they were good at just choke me out this parking lot really so that somebody was acting so is so upset your character that you honestly thought that this was going that badly. and I kind of said we're done to the director and he said no we don't have anything and I said well I want my life. well you can you can say Florence Henderson. it turned out that person just with that great of an actor I was in school by themselves but I don't try I'm not trying to hurt anybody's feelings I just am trying to cause weirdness yeah this but it is amazing for example you did one with president Obama oh yeah forgot about that yeah I. and and so you're you're gonna go to the White House when they were rolling out the obamacare obamacare thing and they were trying to get around two things the youth might watch. and so when you got a chance to go do this bit with president Obama what did you say to yourself I I just couldn't believe what you know even when we got to the White House I was I just thought they were good David was never going to happen and I was nervous and actually I sat on some historic furniture that was roped off. at the White House white really different. with that you know like the rope tight between the you know the the yeah it was it next to the war room and or was the war room or the map room and. I didn't know that there was a ropes velvet rope situation and I had sat down on one of the seats. and then the security guard blew his whistle of my ear yes and then I I was so nervous I did it again. Jack this is Roxanne Roberts did the president have any sense of or do any of the celebrities you interview had any sense when you start what you're gonna ask or is it all news to them as you asking about my proposition I don't give them the questions ahead of time with president Obama though because of limited time that one was more scripted than the others but he just kind of ran with it and a lot of that is improper really really so I in your interview present a mama you sit with the then present United States and you say if I remember correctly how does it feel to be the last black president. yeah and you said that to him yeah and I legitimately thought he was about to kill you. what he doesn't have to kill me has people around. that was one of the questions where I ask. his speech writer have I pointed to that question before we take that and I said has he seen that question. and the speech writer looked at me and said yeah I think so it just walked off like of course he has. so when you were sitting there with the president and and you didn't know that he knew you were about to ask that. and you did it anyway. I'm playing an idiot so when you're playing in areas you kind of get away with things because. part of the the comedy for this thing is how not to be as a human being right yes so I don't know he just took it in stride and his response I think was made up yeah well what was given your member his response. he just he I I can't remember exactly what it says which is weird because I watch it sixteen times a day yeah I would too I have I have to say in a scene baskets which is great as well you often play people who are terrible people. they're just they're not self aware they're not nearly as talented as they think they are they're mean to people that's correct so when will you be running for president.

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