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Shout but yeah we hope you enjoyed the two hour episode like th that it just happened. I had a long story in the beginning so you know whatever we got do that. Do you. Almost lose your life. You gotta you gotTa go on yeah but people thoroughly enjoyed people asks for a two hour episodes so there you go. That's two hours there you go. We're GONNA find you a family at Daniela Priori on Instagram and twitter and make sure to check out the stank podcast outcast with me Mr Frank Alvarez every Friday okay new episodes at the state podcast on instagram. Yeah guys go go check out the stink. Oh you said at the state podcast and his room and go check out the basement yard at the basement on instagram and our patriotic Patriot dot com slash the basement yard. There's certain tiers where you can get a shout out on the show just like that others regard personalized video message for me and Danny and you get every episode a week early and exclusive episodes and extra content where we're doing as with people who ask us questions and whatnot

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