Dr. Anthony Gustin's New Book on Ketosis


You guys. We have a huge tree. Today in the treat is a bunch of mature. You're of my book that came out today. Answers which you can build on Amazon right Chris Yeah so Can you answer live today. Were super excited about it. It's something we've been working on so almost a year now. Since we started working well I started putting it together a year to two and a half years ago I started compiling all this stuff then and so maybe maybe before we cranking. Maybe they'll background on the process. Ituna so yeah man yeah a couple of years ago two years ago. I I was a wrote a lot of the content initially just kind of cobbled together through conversation to how it patients questions. I was getting online information that I knew was sort of controversial controversial or just a lot of questions about then like okay. There needs to be just like somebody put a definitive opinions on us because even though there's a lot of basic KITA genetic books or people are talking about. Here's what Kito says. Here's a grocery list. Here's a thousand recipes in the back of the book yeah. There's they're out there. They're great. They're necessary but after fifteen of these like the same information was being put up but I was still getting all the same questions a lot of nuance huge diet sort of confusing people really definitive opinions on it whether they're doctors or scientists or just plain recipe bloggers whatever in no-one's right no one's wrong law these cases is he's like some of this stuff like we obviously agree in a lot and it's because we sort of look at the science. I look at testimonials and there's enough people are responding to things second and then sort of formulate an opinion after that sort of conclusive answer to a lot of the questions that we get you ran the information for a long time for another Kito websites brushing onboard after came aboard the choppy draft of a book and the Katie. I don't know what the hell to do with this place answering all that stuff so basically reformulated to like what what was sort of a standard book in the first place that sort of read front to back needs to be edited and so it was kind of a a shitty rough draft but you know had had a lot of bones there you went through and talked about okay what is out there now for. Keita books like what information people have. What what problem are we trying to solve and the biggest thing was that we I mean of no mainstream right now? Get like ten messages day people asking me all these questions that I think thank you know either. I'm answering repeatedly. We've covered in podcast before we've written articles about. We have done videos about it etc but it wasn't like one definitive place where a lot of this stuff was put with the references with research behind it and so Krista and then we started working together and he flipped out a lot of things on there. I especially like a lot of research. I understand it but I'm not really great like on the spot like you are. Oh study about this or whatever it's like you put in a lot of the research. Go back a lot of stuff up. I wasn't wrong too many things which was which was great having you here but then sort of format it in a way that's really non-conventional for a book so took it and you can still read it front to back and so when you open it up and you go through it reads tobacco like a like a lot of other books out there but it's sort of unique in the way where we split this into instead of just chapter headings like fifteen twenty chapters instead we split it into tuners questions nations and so instead of just saying hey here's for example. It's like you know what is this and then we give you an answer later in the book. It's like what we well. You know how many carbs or can I do. Kita while breastfeeding what happens ahead of weight loss plateau and we answer all these things so we put all those questions in back in the index so that way you can flip to the index and go okay. What what am I struggling with. Questions are half the breaking down by topic so each topic sort of the chapter against they'll re through the bathrooms. You can still do that way but you can go to each question. If you want that page in understand your answer is sort of like if you're just asking me or crests stuff on instagram with a lot of people the already yeah yeah and I think the goal to is that we wanted to be different with this book differ from what a lot is available out there. I mean talk about how you know. It's either seems like it's either either recipe book. When it comes to Kito or it's an information book that is a little bit too scientific too hard to understand and a little bit too hard to navigate to find what you're looking four and we wanted to put this book together in a format where people can read this book Fronta back and you could be somebody who's completely novice and know nothing about the q. Jack die read it from front to back and learn everything that you need to know or you can be somebody that's just like. Hey I am looking starts Kito Diet. I've heard about it but I have a lot of questions. I'm sick of searching the Internet in having to go to multiple different websites to find the information and then see even have to wonder if it's credible or not so here we just put everything in one place so that you can just search for your answers answers and find them and I think it's going to be this format just going to be really applicable to people you know. You don't have to be somebody that has to understand how to read research to to get through this. You know we've taken the information from the research. We've taken information from working with clients that we've worked with in the past and stuff we've experimented with on ourselves and we've put all this information in this book to make it easy to understand so. I think this format is going to be something. That's going to resonate a lot more people so we're really excited to get your feedback on it. We hope we hope that we hope itself. Oh for that's the goal yeah and also just to be clear one thing that we haven't really put a lot of emphasis to you in the marketing materials around this book is that we are not taking being a dollar from this book. We're reinvesting everything back into content back into product development. That's like that's like we want. This community thrived before when I keep answering questions. We're not doing this as a way to make money and we're doing this just because we thought it needed to exist and yeah. There's there's no like personal gain that we're getting from this. Everything is going back into investing into groins community yeah. I think that brings up a good point for why we really even talked about making this resource when we first started it's about a year ago. Oh you brought this project to me and started talking to me about in a boat in Thailand. We were yeah. I won't forget it. We were sitting on a boat in Thailand in I was living in Tampa at the time I'm still and I just started working for perfect. Kito and Anthony just said you know you. WanNa have been working on. This book really wanted to get a finished. You WanNa come on and help. Writers like you can just move out to Austin and we can sit down. We can chat a buy one get working on finishing it and then I moved out like a month later it to Austin and we started working on it and now about a month later. It's it's coming out nearly a year to the day yeah. I think it was late September. I think it was right. which is crazy yeah yeah yeah? I mean we did it in a pretty short period of time a lot of work yeah. It has yeah the first four months of it. the first four months of ratings book doc were a little intense in towards the end of last year and beginning of this year. 'cause you know because when we sat down we start talking about writing it. We were like we wanna make a resource. At first it was like we want to make this resource for our our customers people who are buying perfect products so they can you know better know how to all the Diet in conjunction with these products because we want people to get the most out of this. Kiddo die and that comes from. I'm not just taking the products but also following the Diet. We haven't had conversations about like. Should we just split this blog arco do videos about how are we. GonNa use. Ah Someone who gave you the manuscript was like eighty thousand words and like that a little more. We'll ask when you ended it. Oh yeah yeah so then. We decided like you know what they're no books like this out there. We need to chop it up. He's at Washington islands of AH the Gulf Thailand we were in by. We're like okay so we just did that. Christopher add thirty thousand words do it was one hundred and ten thousand words and yet it's long two hundred and four pages of of tax but it's not that it's two hundred sixty eight questions questions hundred four pages so you know roughly two pages per answer.

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