Thomas Cook collapses, leaving passengers stranded.


Coming up on the news a Thomas Cook Airline in collapsed triggers largest peacetime repatriation in UK history Boris Johnson declines to comment on claims he awarded what is public funds to a friend and UN chief urges action to make Earth Carbon neutral by twenty fifty. It's Monday September twenty three. I'm Anthony Davis. A British tour operator rated Thomas Cook fell victim to multiple setbacks including shifting travel habits the rise of online booking sites the sinking pound and even unusually really hot weather that encouraged few northern Europeans to travel specific problems of its own like a one point six billion pounds debt pile made it less able to to react to change it all added up to a perfect storm that leads the one hundred and seventy eight year old company to cease operations. Elliott this morning stranding ending hundreds of thousands of travelers analysts said Thomas Cook which wrote a package holiday boom that started in the mid eighties was too slow to react as consumers huma moved away from buying trips bricks and mortar stores. The company did push into online business with forty percent of its bookings coming from the Internet has of last year yeah but not fast enough online rivals. Meanwhile didn't have to bear the costs of owning two hundred hotels five hundred travel agency shops and one hundred five airline jets but acted as middlemen but other factors late into the British travel company also company officials have cited uncertainty over Brexit Brexit' both from consumers worried about its impact on their finances and from the timing given that one unfulfilled deadline for Britain to leave the EU fell on March Watch thirty I just days before the heavy European Easter holiday travel season this year after twenty ten the Arab spring revolts discouraged travel to previous is UK favorites such as Egypt and Tunisia more than one hundred fifty thousand customers are currently stranded abroad leaving the UK government to to carry out what Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb calls the biggest peacetime repatriation in UK history. The job of bringing Thomas Cook customers estimates home falls to the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority who says the number of travellers being brought home is unprecedented. The agency says it has secured a fleet of aircraft from around the world to bring the passengers pack. Comores Johnson has repeatedly declined to comment on reported allegations he failed to declare close personal links to an American woman who received thousands thousands of pounds in public business funding while he was mayor of London the Prime Minister refused to answer six questions today about his links to Jennifer or curry curry a US technology entrepreneur a company run by curry received access to money to assist business as well as places on trade trips at times following the intervention of Meryl officials. It's also reported that Johnson was at the time a regular visitor to our curry's east London apartment and and that she described him at the time as one of my best friends the report said are curry's most recent company one one hundred thousand pound and government cyber skills grant intended to assist UK firms even though she has now returned to live in the US the Department for Culture Media and Sport Bolt has confirmed. It is investigating how the money was awarded. This isn't the first time Boris Johnson is accused of financial mismanagement during his time as man he famously spent millions on a new bus for London. That was less efficient than the ones. It was replacing. He builds a cable car that nobody used and commissioned Asian to garden bridge that cost fifty three million pounds despite never being built well leader after world leader told the United Nations today they would do more to prevent a warming world from reaching even more dangerous levels apples but as they made their pledges they conceded. It was not enough. Sixty six countries have promised to have more ambitious climate goals and thirty ETI swore to be carbon neutral by mid century heads of nations such as Finland in Gemini promised to ban coal within a decade Donald Trump dropped by by fifteen minutes listened to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's detailed pledges and then left without saying anything and even before world leaders made their promises is in three minutes speeches sixteen year olds climate activist Greta Tune Burke in an emotional speech chided the leaders with the repeated phrase. How how dare you this is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. Tune Bug said I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean yet. You have come to US young people. I hope you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We will not let you get away with tune. Berg said right now is where we draw the line. UN Secretary General Antonio Guiterrez opened the climate action summit by saying Earth is issuing a chilling cry. Stop Gutierrez told world leaders that it's not a time to negotiate. He said the world can hit it strictest temperature goal but to act to make the world carbon-neutral literal by twenty fifty you can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast. APP Oskar Smart Speaker or enable the news as your Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skill follow us on twitter at the news underscore podcast. The news news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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