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Thirty one to ten the one hundred and tenth career victory at Michigan state for mark Dantonio he is now number one in football victories at M. as you. thanks to Jason Strayhorn great job again J. sin will teams are broadcast host Larry Cerknica statistician I regain our spotter Dalton Shetler involved in the pre and post game back in the studio rob better to Jim potch knock our engineers Tony Castillo and our producer director of course when the heart I'm George blah reminding you that this was an historic day coach Jeez down number wanted victories at MSU after a run away win at northwestern. talk to you from homecoming weekend next week in east Lansing as Spartans tangle with Indiana. thanks everybody for listening and stay with us the Spartan post game locker room show with Jason will indulge gentler comes up next. Michigan State University Spartans football has been sponsored in part by the M. S. U. federal credit union building dreams together. when we support the home team we all we

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