Your Last-Minute Year-End Financial Planning Checklist

Motley Fool Answers


It's December so you have less than a month to do the typical end of year financial. Planning stuff stuff you should do so number one. Spend the money in your flexible spending accounts so yeah so depending on your company in your medical flexible suspending you may be able to roll over five hundred dollars to the next year but you should find out now never to contribute to your 401k for three beat Esp employer-sponsored Account Tennis Speaking so oh December thirty first to get that done generally speaking. You can't send a check to your 401k. It has to be taken out of your paycheck so you can't wait until December thirty first exchange it now. Let you do whatever you have to do whether to tell your payroll or just do it on the site but you have to do before December thirty first the limit for this year. Maybe you found out. You're getting a bonus and you're I get that money into my 401k. It's nineteen thousand dollars with an extra six thousand dollars if you're fifty or above by

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