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Question right I mean I think bottom line you gotta fight to win and adding to win it comes from just having fun you know and knowing exactly who you are in what matters most I felt like I was kind of fighting for the wrong things my last fight I was I don't know I'm fighting for me and fighting for my family now I'm fighting for myself for having to have fun I enjoyed this last file I put too much pressure on myself I was worried about the rankings where he title implications of like I have to get a big win you know this we get a tower shot instead of just worrying about the now you know like focus on what's happening right now ron right now right now I hate to say it but this this does sound like it's moving towards title implications you know this this looks like that's kind of the next step for you so I know he wanNA focus on I'm having fun and not worrying about that but are you looking at where this fight leads to the future all

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