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Say you're the parent of a teenager as I and maybe your teenager isn't quite sure of his or her future career ambitions as mine isn't that's fine many teenagers that mold right well you as the parrot probably want your kid to go to college but without much direction you're less likely to send him or her father way I mean if your kid wants to be a film director then the University of Southern California might make sense and if it costs big money to go there then you figure it out well Saffy Joseph Junior wanted to be like his father a horse trainer his parents wanted him to go to college so they booted him off the island of Barbados where they lived and sent him to the United States to a prep school near Miami for two years and then to Florida International University just up the road from there that didn't quite work Joseph says now since he spent more time at Gulfstream and the track formerly known as called her now extreme park west than he did in class so he returned to the island then started training he even won the barbadian triple Crown Onu in two thousand nine two years later in two thousand eleven saffy Joseph came ashore for good and now he's got a chance to make quite a few blonde dollars in the Breeders Cup classic math wizard try to sprang up big upset the outside improbable saving all the way looking to come through on the inside it's Mr coming off the turn with the lead Mr Buddy Friday spun to run outside probably left inside floor of women between horses bath wizard other four outside what a finish the Pennsylvania Derby bear cubs math wizard on the outside math weser bester body outside bath wizard math wizard yes sir bath wizard thirty two what upset later end up Pennsylvania Derby and with the Classic Division thinned-out by injury it is conceivable that Saffi Joseph might just join dougie fresh Riana and grandmaster flash as milestone achieving native barbadians and with that we welcome trainer Saffy Joseph Junior here to win the gate let's start with math wizard of course what did you feel as he was coming down the stretch of the Pennsylvania Dir irby or surreal feeling this you know you're hoping you'll get there it was happening in slow motion and then when he got there like it was just unbelievable the he could run a race like that it'd be those Kinda worse is something that was a dream come truce he finished x than the grade three West Virginia Derby at the beginning of August and that was seven weeks before the Pennsylvania Derby how were you able to give this horse some time often Florida and then have him sharp enough to win a grade one race in late September all just came together I think West Virginia was one race to meet Bram not period the sex ratio degrees we kept him in killing during that time which is probably a mistake probably brought him back home we got about home in the Senate and he took his first book easier the second one was very good on his third where it was extraordinary I won't play like we didn't he'll come always third rats for us was stiff work but he did it so good so we didn't know how long it'll take recuperate we were able to get a slight firm on Thursday which gave us a couple of days you can see the rage Senate worked Oprah Edgardo Zayas has been the regular writer for math wizard but he didn't come up from Florida for the pen Derby because the horses entry was so last minute so what does the writer situation look like from here yeah we weren't sure for even going to there'd be and he had already committed some raids gulfstream so he stayed here unfortunately and for the writer and the we're still undecided we have we don't have a writer Iran permitted to ride and Dino Russo so writer is still open at the moment we haven't decided we're going to wait we don't have to rush any decision wait and see what happens something we mentioned in our open how you arrived here from Barbados in two thousand eleven I'll bet many of our listeners and I have to have been include myself in this didn't even know there was thoroughbred racing in Barbados. What is the racing scene like there yeah they run right now in Barbara's twice a month it's a three quarter tracks along the turf only we trained on on the dirt run on the turf there's only turf racing I should go out with her when you dare you get much closer to the horses race in actually part of it and I think that's unique mess that has you're so close to the horses racing gives you the vibrant Phil what we didn't mention was that when you came here you had exactly two horses in your care how did you get from there take here just keep trying to do good I keep trying to win races and attract attention and asking people for chances and I think it all comes together a lot of opportunities a lot of owners have been supportive of us and you just keep working things work a volunteer place trainers saffy Joseph Junior joining us here on gaito send out the pen Derby winner math wizard in the Breeders Cup classic as if coming from Barbados to train a grade one winner isn't crazy enough there's the fact that less than a year ago math wizard ran in sixteen thousand dollars maiden claiming race at Gulfstream and finished thirty didn't even win and to make things even crazier do you know who won that sixteen thousand dollars maiden claimer last December maximum security proves he's the real deal and there's no need to go down that rabbit hole right now the what do you think of these great winning is coming out of a race that low on the Horse Racing Totem Pole was unbelievable because normally you think who made it and Sixteen especially for young very few people at risk any horse of quality and those kind of Race Maine Sixteen Majority of time running or three early three hundred sixteen are very good if they're into sixteen thousand as far as ability goes to have two tours of the same race that one greater like if someone was to believe that I've seen it actually happened it would probably go down in the history of race in the best maintenance we never gonNA change over time but I don't think I was going to change did you get more ambitious with math wizard because maximum security went on onto do bigger things I know but Mathur's reclaim them in January I think in January so maximum security I don't want the Florida every year A good decision I think we got him at the right time now you have another potential superstar the two year old chance it and he's off the umbrella five likely now smash factor is flat to the Board Second Town Centre with Liam's Lucky charm but let there be no doubt who's best the in reality goes the chance at Chattan wrapped up gear down and six on top chance at what a stakes race at your home base of Gulfstream back in late September and while Chan is it will skip the Breeders Cup we'd be remiss if we didn't mention him

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