‘South Park’ Creators Offer Fake Apology After Show Is Erased in China


South park's creators are offering an apology and kind of a joke a parody apology after China banded episode we good now China yeah the creators of South Park and knowledge Monday that the Chinese government's decision to ban some clips of Amazon online discussions about the animated show after episode was very critical of the country yeah yeah the episode banned in China which originally aired last Wednesday it was satire and basically made fun of the NBA's willingness to abide by Chinese censors in order to corner it's business market yeah they're okay with depression as long as money's being made South Park always going for it no doubt about it I love shopping at one point in the episode the entertainment executive notes characters that include a Winnie the Pooh in a biopic him because of the animated character easy E. legal in China because some Chinese students said he looked like the Chinese president

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