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Taylor. You're and the senior diplomat. who oversees Ukraine Policy George Kent? They testified together in a hearing that lasted about five and a half hours they describe. US foreign policy toward Ukraine Ukraine generally and the specific events that led them to believe that president trump was leveraging US military aid and a White House meeting to try to get Ukraine to investigate the Biden Addi- so we're going to dig into the details from today's hearings and here with me to do that are managing editor. Michael Cohen How's IT Goin' Mica. Very Good Jalen. Hey and also here with us from from Chicago is senior writer Amelia Thompson who also covers the law for us at five thirty eight. Welcome to the PODCAST. Good to have you back on. Yeah thanks Galen I'm going to be here. So it's been a minute since Mahler talk. But we've got a whole other legal conundrum to dig apart at this point so we're glad to have you and let's start with you. Amelia Amelia. What is your top line? Take away from the hearing. Today I mean at the risk of kind of immediately diving on the one new piece of information that came out of today's hearings do one really significant development is that there is another witness who is going into a closed door deposition then on Friday. He's an aide to Taylor and Taylor had testified. That a new piece of information came out in conversation with these staffers about Out A conversation that the staffer had overheard with trump about some of these investigations. So I think that's a really significant ignificant piece of information. It also happens to be currently leading the New York Times homepage right now so I think that's kind of the media's going to latch onto is one of the significant vacant things that came out but in general I think Democrats Kinda did what. They promised they were going to do. which is that?

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