China Trade Talks And How The Markets Are Responding

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The warning everybody welcome to squad appear on CNBC we are live from the Nasdaq market site in Times Square. I'm becky quick along with Joe Kernan Andrew Ross Sorkin China is again I today on the podcast as two key events were getting underway while squawk box was on the air the latest round of trade talks between the US China in Washington and the sold out NBA priests season game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Lakers and Shanghai a tale of two arenas here's Andrew with the news breaking overnight that underscores the challenges American corporations ace when working in China's apple now removing an APP from its APP store that Hong Kong protesters had used to track police movements the APP is called H. k. map live it was rejected by apple earlier this month but then allowed to go on the service last week Apple said they verified with authorities of course Hong Kong authorities you say that the APP had been used to target an ambush police in threaten public safety after apple removed the APPS and protesters said they make quote visit it's Hong on store we talked about this a bit yesterday on the show but this is a new development of them taking it off the service and then the secondary pieces you know when other authorities go to apple in the United States for example and I'm thinking of ways and sheriffs and others have already done so instead to Google stop putting this on the way service apple stopped taking the service there are other APPs by the way in the United States and in Europe where you can see where police and other people are how it's being used I don't know but interesting yeah I just interesting that every step is going to be so much more closely monitored from any corporation and and I think getting forced to choose sides and so is this is just a political issue right here I mean is this China is this the que- The question mark is product to this specific issue. I don't know enough about it in in the situation I don't know if there were police that we're targeted but it certainly seems the situation where you'd like to hear more if we had v8 in Seattle again or something like that would we be mad if apple shutdown an APP that allowed those protesters I got no I'd like to see I'd like to see them do it and I will say the difference with weights are stationed when you're speeding and you're trying to look ways is on made the argument that by knowing where the police are it actually slows people down it actually reduces were never legal reduces speeding rather than you know I don't know if that's true or not WanNa get it over to Kayla Tallahassee who has some details and maybe some news well it's hard to know Andrew because every hour it changed his talks with Chinese principles led by Vice for me Leo who will still take place today despite what I'm told more difficult and tense conversations among lower level negotiators this week but it's the format of the talks how long they will last which is very important in Chinese diplomacy that's being most closely watched right now the south China Morning Post last night reported the China will leave tonight signaling displeasure and frustration to the US White House negotiators were caught unaware of that news spokesman saying there was no change in the schedule and senior administration officials telling me the US still believed there was a big dinner planned Thursday and that the vice premier was going to be departing Friday evening but an hour later a principal from the about the situation was fluid and whether talks extent to Friday was still an open question that may be summoned the Chinese delegation could leave or that the round could indeed and early but that was still an open question media reports today show a couple olive branches that the US may offer to change that one green-lighting license for always suppliers and to rolling out an already agreed currency deal a senior administration official tells me the president still hasn't made up his mind how he will proceed He's going to based on how negotiations today but here's how he responded when asked about a deal publicly yesterday I told that the president she said you know this I'd be like fifty fifty deal because a fifty fifty deal you're like up there we're down here so fifty fifty it doesn't work you gotta have a little balanced this has to be a better deal from our standpoint and I think they fully understand it as Chinese officials have said any deal would need to put the two countries on equal footing it would need to treat them equally it would need to be a win win situation but clearly becky with the president is describing is not that we'll see how toxic oh behind closed doors will bring the latest as we have it Kayla maybe the most important point for the markets right now is just what you said about the fluidity of the situation things changing so quickly which may be why we're now seeing the futures relatively flat compared to what we'd seen earlier in the trading session yet things changing relatively quickly and the Chinese officials not shy about using press outlets to telegraph exactly how they feel an exactly what they plan to do and how they could throw a wrench in these talks and how the markets could respond that's a very clear message that they're trying to send to the White House into the president will see if it lands Kayla thank you for joining us right now for more on all of this is China Beige book in national CEO Leland Miller and Leland these are some of the most complicated things to try and discern even if you have sources close in Washington you don't know what the other side is thinking and the sides could be changing their minds pretty rapidly to how what kind of how do you read the tea leaves how do you play this mind game that's taking place the most important part of the he leaves right now is just figuring out what's white noise and the reality is almost everything you're hearing right now is white noise the fact that the deputies beating didn't accomplish anything no surprise around you know maybe it's that may look there were some really bad news from the Chinese perspective earlier this week whether you're talking about sanctions blacklists these is being pulled away the Chinese have reason to try to show their displeasure with this but all the nitty gritty is GonNa Happen today and tomorrow in the trade room and they have a lot happens if well look you know anything can happen but if they cancelled tomorrow it's not because of what happened in the deputies meeting it's because they don't get what they want today and I have a feeling they're gonNA get a little more substance than they think today one of the seasons there's been no progress so far is that the administration hasn't formally put a December punt on the table and they've been unwilling to talk about a pullback of the September tariffs these are in play right now we've got October the important now markets are looking at this enormous bellwether the White House isn't what do you think just about how the NBA situation playing out. How apple has now pulled this that that the Chinese said the Hong Kong protesters were using trap police there I mean that to me shows a whole new world and trying to deal American companies trying to deal and operate in China on the one hand it shows that look Dick Decoupling or even moving towards directions going to have serious repercussions for Corporate America this is a new card or this guardsmen being played on a daily for the last forty years and for the most part we have not taken notice of it that is exactly it but I think a an issue try that sort of goes on you know that's not what people are paying attention to now I think people are going to put the big picture together and there's going to be a concerted America pushback decoupling go go back to my ah we've been we've been in this marriage sorta with China symbiotic

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