Breaking Bad, the end that wasn't


You know this music writing breaking bad is back in the breaking bad movie El Camino is out today and Netflix rich is going to review it in just a little bit in this movie we find out what happens to Aaron Paul's character Jesse Pinkman after the events of the finale six years ago El Camino was written and directed by breaking bad creator Vince Gilligan and stars Aaron Paul and Erin said when the show was over he thought he was done playing Jesse it was a great run man it was such a wild journey for everybody you know breaking bad was it felt like he was at the center of of pop culture it was to be at the center of that was a wild ride for all of us and so we are so blessed that had happened that we are part of it we are also incredibly okay with saying goodbye and unzipping the skins and who never putting them on again remember binge watching this and you just not you could not after the episode was was over you just have to watch the next one immediately yeah can you believe was two thought September two thousand thirteen was the last episode and I saw Aaron Paul two days after the they wrapped the last episode having aired yet I should go to Albuquerque all the time for the real channel which is out there the Albuquerque studios which is where they filmed breaking bad either for it when it first started they took me in a golf cart to where they're like Hey you want to see this new show sat nearly walked right in it was better call Saul's office was there and the the Walter white's living room and and bill backyard and all that stuff all sets and about a year later you couldn't get within a hundred yards of the but he but he was the he said exactly that same thing right after he had wrapped he was like dude was the role of a lifetime and I'm so glad because exhausted from point because it's such a tortured yeah complex

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