Bradley Kleihege Recaps Survivor 39, Episode 2


Please a welcome back to the podcast great bradley clyde i is here a bradley hero how are you how are you very excited how excited they have you here with us to talk about everything that's going on on on the island of the idols i'm excited to be here him it sided we have a new season survivor all good stuff yeah and you had reached out a couple of weeks and said hey wanna come on and want to talk about this season so i am always very excited when the survivors reach out to me that's a huge huge thing for me and it makes me excited that oh you wanna be here because i feel like i'm bothering everybody yeah absolutely you know i watched and listened to our hap- long before i was on survivor ever so it's always exciting to come you know a little bit more of the dream of not only getting to be on the show but still get to be a part of it it's a lot of fun okay well bradley excited to have you here a lot to talk about we got our survivor know it alls last night and you listen to listen to it in the car right here yes how stephen was is on point right stevenson good i think so yeah it's good like oh it are you going to hang out with stephen back now that he's in LA i don't know you're going to have even yes have you seen i have not no i've talked to even a few times converse back and forth but i didn't know he'd moved out to LA to listen to all new here a couple of days so i've extend extend the olive branch and we'll see if we hang out and of course i had a exit interview with molly byman this morning did you ever just listed the molly i did not know but i kinda bad for her she's a law student in do that well okay well we wanna get your take on everything with molly and then our voicemail show's coming up over the weekend with shannon gates of russia get feedback questions in with shannon plus the wiggle room wiggle room you don't like to songs sicilia right yeah you got burnt on it there was a couple of like oh sanley sandler he's so dirtier annoying i was like i'm after say for anybody who's listening to the audio and not watching this video bradley has come right from work and looks very sharp yup yup i'm an attorney now better for worse so what happened so you went to survivor and i thought that you went to survivor because you had some second thoughts about going into fulltime lawyering was that sort of like that you're this you're amish room spring a i'm going to get away from law and then you had your your crazy time and now you're back yeah yeah kind of so yeah i hated loss both from two weeks then i turned around and ran away but nope i'm not going to quit i'm going to keep doing this and then it was amazing i got to go on survivor it was awesome there for eight weeks then went on what i referred to is like the world tour all sorts of other people riding my season for a couple of months after that and then i had to go back to law school for last year and it was devastating yeah really talking at one point you wanted to teach yup i still think teaching yeah i almost ended up working on the bachelor this season that started filming bachelor bachelor in paradise of regular bachelor regular bachelor what would you have done a story producer whoa look at you so i thought that would have been fun but in the end decided maybe that wasn't consistent enough so yeah right now i have a good job and it's fun enough i go to court a few days a week yeah young to the point where we're in front of the judges all the time and they know who i am and i you know a lot of fun is being a lawyer something that you could just like pickup pickup and stop doing like i think about things like if you having a like a skill like okay i can you know lawyer for six months and then i can do you something else or do you have to like once once you pick up being a lawyer you you need to stick with it you can't start and stop i think it's definitely a lot easier if you you picket cricket you keep going because you develop a lot of specialized knowledge right so in school and on the bar exam it's it's all generally you have to know everything but so what i do is trust and probate litigation in and trust and probate administration and so not jeff probst speight oh no i i i hope he has an estate plan otherwise sure i'll i'll drag his ashes through the probate court we'll get it through fire does represent life offend and have i don't even oregon okay so you're you're happy it's it's all good it's fun it's nice to be out of school for right now i mean there are things that i miss i miss not having the school schedule right i i came back from labor day and i was like gay gay new year here we go and everyone in the office it's almost the holidays what are you talking about you know in my mind first week september when everything slows back down and then all all summer travel all the time and everyone's how works in real life ryan so i'm i'm trying to adjust to that awful schedule of two weeks of vacation a year but for now it works and it's not bad i i like my coworkers and they make a drinking buddies after work so ooh fun time a russian guy brought a bottle of scotch door today because we're holding on to ten thousand dollars yeah he wanted them back so so yeah it's not a client but trying to buy one of our clients houses and so he thought he would give a scotch and exchange for his money and we'll take the scotch but we're gonna you're not drunk right now no no no god no i know i art to all right bradley let let's talk about what's going on here on the island of the idols did you enjoy a the first two episodes so far i did yeah i think the the the theme is ridiculously hokey but in highly entertaining way yes i mean it's just it it's amazing i don't know what robin sandra doing their quizzing wellcoll testing people the questions were very easy i could have answered them just following the two of them on facebook didn't get anything wrong in the in the questions submitted a little sad because one of the dogs died while she was there back excellent i was like wow i hope she doesn't real yeah all right p. real you knew then you look at us you yourself you post about these dogs on facebook friends with our yeah yeah what's sanders great so yeah i think it's it's funny the massive heads and met sandra before yeah yeah yeah where hearts of reality i did yeah yeah and what did she say bushy a fan of yours she was yeah luckily we had the same handler on the prematch trips oh i'm so he kind of yes connected oh you guys would get along yeah you're both cranky and like to be in charge about boston rob i've not met him yeah because it that'd be fun as this was pointed out to me that you a reference even boston rob fac in your were season i believe i have the clip i'm trying to play like a mosque or kim spradlin you know somebody that's got the numbers and he's in control and just needs just keep ducks in a row now it's something like you feel like that maybe that maybe it shouldn't be sandra's head is the other head there should it be kim oh yeah you you know according to ghost island bradley maybe that's the case but i have not my life volvo love sandra she has salty and calls a how she sees it and also did you watch the clip that survivor maybe posted on their instagram or something where they were talking about their backs hurting sleeping on the bamboo like oh we're getting too old for this and then like hobbled all down to the beach robin sandra larry's yes i'll look for that for the feedback really funny okay all right crazy vote last last night where it ended up being a molly being the target of the vote bradley what what did you make of this was this too much too to fast should they have taken the shore thing there with the voting out nora jason i mean i guess the answer would be of course yet you should have taken the sure thing if it didn't work but it worked and so i think lauren brilliantly she did a really good job of surveying the situation realizing that there were some people that thought they were on top and she can take people that were on the bottom and and make a move and i think it's something like molly is dangerous molly smart seemed like maybe there was a little problem getting along with everybody thinking she was a little bit better i may know a little bit about that and yeah so yeah she played from i think what her position russian wasn't a middle position and she rallied the troops and it was it was really fun to watch your if you're in the middle in this group of ten i know that in your navy tribe it was like there was no middle right it was a clear-cut five and five or where there are a lot of people that will could have gone either way not many people that could have gone either okay i mean we didn't vote so i i don't know how it would have shaken out right but that's i think the the accepted take it seemed like that in this group there was a three on one side and to on the other and maybe five people in the middle deciding which way they want it to go and it seems like for this vote they threw their lot in with jason and nora yeah it seemed like you know what i think that jason put a target on his back early enough and nor is just nuts in a really fun to watch kind of way yeah yeah that they're easy to keep along because they're either of them really a threat to do anything yet i mean jason potentially i could morph into somebody that that finds his own makes it pass his day one going look the idol and not socializing participating yeah yeah i i thought it was a good move yeah i thought it was definitely a fun move move i don't know necessarily what this looks like for this group the next time they have to go and vote somebody using go to bed and more less dangerous for them to keep molly then to vote nora i mean i think that certainly seems less dangerous yeah because you've got to figure that they're going to at some point they then you're going to go to three tribes that i mean that's typically what the i i hope that that's the hard part i love watching survivor and everything but the problem is when you swap constantly gently right we can sit here and we can talk about these scenarios but yeah if you just keep mixing people up constantly where's the

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